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  1. You are welcome to place your orders for any Indian publication in English whether they appear in our catalog here, our bibliographic updates, or in any other source elsewhere.
  2. Our operations are largely automated so it is immaterial whether your order is for one single item or hundreds of them -- they are given the same close attention.
  3. We follow all your ordering instructions carefully.
  4. You may place your orders by title and/or by ISBN. Items selected from our sources may be ordered also by KK no., our book identification no., which we allocate to each new title (whether a single-vol. work or a multi-vol. work) at the time of receipt.The use of this physical no. brings about both instant identification of title(s) and quick processing of your order(s).
  5. You may use for ordering any of the following modes:
    • through the online shopping, when selected from our exhaustive catalog
    • through our specially designed order form, when not found covered in our catalog and you need to raise 'special' order(s)
    • through fax at +91-11-25173055
    • or, through physical mail at
      K. K. Agencies
      H-12 Bali Nagar
      New Delhi - 110 015 / India
      in any format, list or individual slips.

We accept, straight, purchase orders from libraries and institutions. Individual and corporate orders may be pre-paid through their credit cards or personal checks drawn in US dollars (or any other equivalent currency) favouring "K. K. Agencies". Trade orders are dealt with on individual basis.

List Prices & Price Changes

The prices indicated here or in other bibliographic media are in US dollars.

If the publisher changes the price of any title, we invoice at the revised price which may be different from the one indicated in our sources.

Pre-shipment Care & Packaging

We make a thorough checking of each of your ordered title/s before shipment.

The packaging of each delivery is so securely done that it reaches the destination intact withstanding even the uneven handlings, if there be any, during transit.


Mindful as we are of our customers' two prime requirements, namely, fast deliveries yet economically, we have evolved a special method.

We make all shipments by Registered Airmail without any additional charges, like, for example, postage, packing, & forwarding.

Thus, each packet is door-delivered between 1 and 3 weeks to virtually any address across the continents from our warehouse.

Invoicing & Proforma Invoicing

Knowing fully well the procedures our library and institutional customers generally follow, we accept their purchase orders and issue our invoices when the shipments take place. They pay routinely after receipt of materials and their corresponding invoices.

For individual and trade/corporate orders we make advance payment intimation/proforma invoice, when desired, which we send through e-mail or fax. Otherwise, they may work-out and pre-pay through their credit cards or personal cheques drawn in US dollars (or any other equivalent currency) favouring "K. K. Agencies" and airmail at:

K. K. Agencies
H-12 Bali Nagar
New Delhi - 110 015 / India


We accept secure online Credit Card payments through Paypal, your own Cheques/Banker's Cheques or International Money Orders, in US Dollars or their equivalent in any foreign currency.


We accept cancellation of your order happily but before that we must ensure the current status of the ordered item.


K. K. Agencies
H-12 Bali Nagar
New Delhi - 110 015 / India
Phone: +91-11-25465925
Fax: +91-11-25173055