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Ambedkar's Vision and Quest for Social Justice
Authorship Description
Dr. Arati Modak.
Bibliographical Details viii, 288 p. 24 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Delhi, Shikhar Publications.
ISBN-10 8193539443
ISBN-13 9788193539446, 978-8193539446
Year of Publication 2019.
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Ambedkar's Vision and Quest for Social Justice

"Indian society and Politics had always been caste ridden. In the past, there existed no such area of governance where caste as political, social, economic, educational and cultural factor was not present. Even today after more than fifty years of introduction of Republication Constitution, the caste factor is dominant in every sphere of life on the people of this country. Before the commencement of Ambedkar era, there were the untouchable Hindus in India, who due to Hindu social system, had, remained socially graded, economically impoverished, politically suppressed, religiously ostracized and indefinitely excluded from educational and cultural opportunities. They were condemended to the lot of serfs and deprived of all human rights. Social justice is the spirit and vision of the Indian Constitution. This readable book for all portrait Ambedkar's vision of Social Jusice emanates from his quest for a `Just Society', which is based on the idea of a casteless, discrimination free and dignified life of all sections of the society."
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1. The Depressed Classes of India: Their Struggle for Emancipation

2. Ambedkar on the Riddle of Hinduism and the Sudras

3. Dr. Ambedkar and Untouchability: Fighting the Indian Caste System

4. Ambedkar: Trailblazer for the Dalit Cause

5. Dalit Movement after Ambedkar in India

6. Ambedkar's Quest for Distributive Justice in Indian Society



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Ambedkar's Vision and Quest for Social Justice / Dr. Arati Modak. 1st ed. Delhi, Shikhar Publications. (KK-140383)

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