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Bollywood Cinematography, 2011
Authorship Description
Dr. A. P. Thakur and Dr. Sunil Pandey.
Bibliographical Details x, 382 p. ills. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Global Vision Publishing House.
ISBN-10 8182204836
ISBN-13 9788182204836, 978-8182204836
Year of Publication 2012.
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Bollywood Cinematography, 2011

"The book `Bollywood Cinematography, 2011' is a critical examination of 89 important Bollywood movies released in the year 2010. The movies are listed according to their date of release and provides information about the names of the movie, Plot of the movie, starcast of the movie names of movie's producer, director, story writer, music director, lyricist, cinematographer, editor, distributor, movie's release date, running time, language in which the film is made, movie's budget, places of filming the movie, the critical response received by the film, revenue collected by the movie in India and overseas, box office report declaring it a hir or flop, and the awards and nominations received by the movies. There is no book giving authentic information on all the aspects of the movies as given above, hence this book will be of great use to film lovers, critics, artists of the Bollywood movies."
                                                                               [from Blurb]

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Bollywood Cinematography, 2011 / Dr. A. P. Thakur and Dr. Sunil Pandey. 1st ed. New Delhi, Global Vision Publishing House. (KK-101202)

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