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Digital Library and Information Technology : Changing Concepts
Authorship Description
Dr. G. K. Sampath Kumar.
Bibliographical Details x, 256 p. ills. 22 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Delhi, Altar Publishing House.
ISBN-10 8192214354
ISBN-13 9788192214351, 978-8192214351
Year of Publication 2012.
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Digital Library and Information Technology : Changing Concepts

"The information technology explosion and its applications in every aspect of life have changed the entire scenario of the present world. The IT revolution and information explosion has led to the emergence of electronic information era. These days, the users are not satisfied with the printed available material, they require that printed information be supplemented with more dynamic multimedia documents. Thus digital libraries are becoming an important element in the era of information technology and it seems that the digital library concept should be considered a dynamic and essential component of an organisation.

This book provides an integrated overview of digital libraries, including a historical perspective, the state of the art, and current research. It covers a wide range of technical, economic, social, and organisational topics and working components of a digital library. It is a perfectly self-contained resource for individuals, agencies, and institutions to work in their burgeoning information treasuries." 
                                                                                            [from Blurb]



1. Digital Library : Basic Concepts

2. Technologies behind Digital Libraries

3. Principles of Digital Library Creation

4. Building Digital Collections

5. Collection Metadata

6. Digital Infrastructure and E-Libraries

7. Architecture of Digital Repositories

8. Global Digital Library Development

9. Digital Library Reference Services

10. Challenges of Digital Preservation

11. Management in Digital Libraries

12. Digital Library Professionals



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Digital Library and Information Technology : Changing Concepts / Dr. G. K. Sampath Kumar. 1st ed. Delhi, Altar Publishing House. (KK-100708)

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