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Democracy in South Asia : Emerging Issues and Constraints
Authorship Description
Editors: Prof. B. C. Upreti and Dr. Krishan Gopal.
Bibliographical Details xii, 305 p. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Delhi, Kalinga Publications.
ISBN-10 8187644877
ISBN-13 9788187644873, 978-8187644873
Year of Publication 2012.
Series South Asia Studies Series.
Further Details In association with South Asian Studies Centre, Jaipur.
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Democracy in South Asia : Emerging Issues and Constraints

"Despite the weakening of democratic institutions and challenges of good governance one may say that democracy has succeeded in the South Asian region in its struggle against the anthoritarian forces. The resurgence of democracy in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bhutan and Maldives in the recent years is a welcome development in this regard. There is a need to understand that in the context of a socio-economic set up characterised by pluralities, under-development and inequalities, the success of democracy would depend upon a comprehensive approach to democracy. Democracy is not a political process alone, it has to acquire a social and economic character as well, ensuring inclusiveness alongwith development and equity.

The present study provides a comprehensive view of the nature, working and challenges of democracy in South Asia. The importance of this volume lies in the fact that it largely focuses upon the emerging patterns of democracy in Afghanistan, Maldives and Bhutan.

It is hoped that study will prove to be beneficial to the students, teachers and the intellectuals interested in understanding the dynamics of democracy in South Asia both from conceptional and emperical perspectives."                             
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List of Contributors

1. Introduction / B. C. Upreti

2. Afghanistan : Towards a Sustainable State / Dr. Ambish Dhaka

3. Afghanistan : Quest for Survival / Dr. Saurabh

4. Democracy in Afghanistan : Interplay of Domestic and External Factors / Dr. Manon Dwivedi

5. Political Transition and Future of Democracy in Bangladesh / Dr. Smruti Pattanaik

6. Challenge of Institutionalization of Democracy in Bangladesh / Dr. Anand Kumar

7. Bhutan's Democratic Transition : An Assessment / Dr. Medha Bisht

8. Political Transformation in Nepal and Bhutan : A Comparative Overview / Dr. C. Mathew Joseph

9. Emerging Trends in Indian Democracy : The Impact of Globalisation / Dr. Prem R. Bhardwaj

10. Emergent Perils of Republic of India's Perless Democracy in Times of Economic Ascendancy / Dr. P. C. Mathur

11. Grassroot Democracy and Women Political Participation in India / Dr. Anupma Kaushik and Dr. Gayatri Shaktawat

12. Democratisation in Maldives / Dr. Alok Bansal

13. Democracy in Nepal : Shifting Paradigm / Prof. B. C. Upreti

14. Pakistan's Quest for Democracy : Civilian Interface, Emerging Challenges and Future Prospects / Dr. Shashi Upadhyay

15. Democracy in Pakistan; the Role of Opposition / Prof. Surendra Nath Kaushik

16. Regionalism, Ethnicity and Democracy in Pakistan / Dr. Surendra Singh

17. Democracy in Sri Lanka : An Overview / Dr. Krishan Gopal

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Democracy in South Asia : Emerging Issues and Constraints / Editors: Prof. B. C. Upreti and Dr. Krishan Gopal. 1st ed. Delhi, Kalinga Publications. (KK-100759)

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