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Changing Health Culture and Medical Pluralism in Rural India
Authorship Description
D. C. Nanjunda.
Edition, Place & Publisher New Delhi, AAYU Publications.
ISBN-10 9385161857
ISBN-13 9789385161858, 978-9385161858
Year of Publication 2018.
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Changing Health Culture and Medical Pluralism in Rural India

Health is one of the prime concerns of mankind, since his emergences on the earth. Health is a pre-requisite for human development and is essentially concerned with the wellbeing of the common man. Health is not only related to medical care but an integrated development of an entire human society. Normally the context in which an individual lives it is of very vital and significant for his/her health status and quality of life. There are some external determinants which can decide the health status of any person including social environment, hospitals, doctors or technologies. Also it significantly depends on some internal factors including his/her health culture, behavior, level of education, health practices, etc. Quality of health care, health orientation and social protection of the health of a population affects the entire developmental status of any nation. This book is based on my research work towards higher doctoral degree in sociology. This book would be useful for the sociologists, students, health NGOs Policy makers and interested public.

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Changing Health Culture and Medical Pluralism in Rural India / D. C. Nanjunda. New Delhi, AAYU Publications. (KK-140345)

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