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Ageing in India : Challenges and Opportunities
Authorship Description
Prof. D. Pulla Rao.
Bibliographical Details xxiv, 335 p. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Delhi, Manglam Publishers & Distributors.
ISBN-10 9381142483
ISBN-13 9789381142486, 978-9381142486
Year of Publication 2012.
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Ageing in India : Challenges and Opportunities





1. Post-Retirement Employment Activities of an Excluded Group : A Study of Retired People in Kochi Urban Agglomeration / G. Visakh Varma

2. Policies and Programmes for the Welfare of the Aged in India : An Analysis / D. Pulla Rao

3. Constitutional Provisions, Policies, Privileges and Benefits for the Aged in India / P. Raj Kumar and R. Vijaya Krishna

4. Victimization of Elderly Women : Cases of Community Violence / Aparajita Chowdhury

5. Programmes and Policies for the Elderly in India / N. Sreeramamurty

6. Indian Elderly : A Ringside View / A. V. Narasimha Raju

7. Problems of the Aged in a Growing Town in Andhra Pradesh : A Social Work Perspective / N. Sreerama Murty

8. Problems of Ageing in Lower Strata : A Case Study / V. Balambal

9. Abuse, Neglect and Violence : Their Distribution among Three Social Strata / V. Balambal

10. Care for the Elderly : Care for Our Future / Alluri Naga Raju

11. Integrated Approach in Elderly Care / A. Mary Princess Lavanya and Saraswati Raju Iyer

12. Ageing in India : Problems and Action Plan for Empowerment / Atul Pratap Singh and A. K. Singh

13. Agening in India : It's Socio-economic and Health Implications / M. Savithri

14. Ageing and Financial Challenges / K. A. Rasure

15. Issues and Interventions Relating to Ageing Population / N. Santhi Priya and Saraswati Raju Iyer

16. Care of the Elderly in the Era of Globalisation : An Overview / Shivani Rawat

17. Socio-Economic Issues of Elderly in India / Gouradevi Katnalli

18. Adjustability of Elderly Living in Homes and Old Age Homes : A Study / K. Rajasekhar

19. Santhali Aged in a Semi-Urban Set-Up: Chunukoli : The Village Under Study / Itishree Padhi

20. ICTs for India's Elderly : Public Policy Issues and Challenges / Kiran Prasad

21. Impact of Ageing on Health and Economic Status : A Case Study of Visakhapatanam Urban / Kankala Satyanarayana

22. Psycho-Social Problems among Old Age Women of Veerbhadra Nagar, Sirsi of Karnataka State / Nitin A. Cholvehar, Ravikanth B. Lamani and Sangeetha R. Mane

23. Problems and Prospects of Ageing Persons in India / V. V. S. Rama Krishna and V. Govindu

24. Problems of the Aged : Strategies for Inclusive Policies in Rural Areas / V. Hari Babu

25. The Growing Aged People and the Role of the Government / G. Paidi Raju

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Ageing in India : Challenges and Opportunities / Prof. D. Pulla Rao. 1st ed. Delhi, Manglam Publishers & Distributors. (KK-105646)

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