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Harappan Architecture
Authorship Description
Dr. D. P. Sharma and Kadambini Pandey.
Bibliographical Details 290 p. ills. (partly col.). maps. 29 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Gurgaon, Shubhi Publications.
ISBN-10 8182904595
ISBN-13 9788182904590, 978-8182904590
Year of Publication 2018.
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Harappan Architecture

"This Book `Harappan Architecture is joint work of Kadambini Pandey and Dr. D. P. Sharma. There are 28 chapters in this book in which important are settlement and urban planning of Harappan public space in urban settlement of Harappans. Urban settlement of Mohenjodaro, Settlement pattern at Allahadino, Balakot, setlement pattern, settlement patern at Kalibangan, settlement pattern at Banavali, Harappan sites in Punjab, Movement of Harappan's Manda a Harappan site in Jammu, Rakhigarhi a Harappan site, Harappan settlement in Gujarat, Harappan settlement in Kutch, Lothal a Harappan port town, Kuntasi a Harappan port town. Harappan planning and settlement at Dholavira and Harappan settlement and planning at Hullas. Besides this there are brief description of newly excavated sites like Farmana, Baror, Bhirrana, Jumni Kuran and Sanouli. Till Today around 2670 Harappan and its associated sites were reported in South Asia and we have excavated around 210 sites. Bulandikhera, Tappal, Alamgirpur, Mandi and Samouli are newly excavated Harappan sites in Western U.P. which are located on the bank of river Hindon."
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1. Settlement and Urban Planning of Harappan

2. Harappan Settlement Pattern in Southern Makran Coast

3. Public Spaces in the Urban Settlements of the Harappan Civilization

4. Urban Settlement at Mohenjodaro

5. Urban Planning of Mature Harappan's

6. Settlement Pattern at Allahdino

7. Balakot Settlement Pattern

8. Settlement Pattern at Kalibangan

9. Kalibangan Excavation

10. Settlement Pattern at Banawali

11. Banawali Excavation

12. Harappan Complex on the Sutlej

13. Harappan Sites in Punjab

14. Manda : A Harappan Site in Jammu

15. Movement of Harappan in North-West South Asia

16. Rakhigarhi : A Harappan Site in Haryana

17. Further Excavations at Rakhigarhi

18. Harappan Settlements in the Kutch

19. Harappan Settlement in Gujarat

20. Chronology of Harappan Urban Port

21. Lothal : A Harappan Urban Port Town

22. Urban Planning and Settlement Pattern at Dholavira

23. Harappan in North-Eastern Gujarat

24. Kuntasi : A Harappan Port Town

25. Harappan Tidal Port

26. Harappan Trade with Kirman West Asia

27. Mesopotamia, Egypt and Harappan Civilizations

28. Harappan Settlement at Daimabad

29. Harappan Settlement and Planning

30. Architecture at Dholavira


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Harappan Architecture / Dr. D. P. Sharma and Kadambini Pandey. 1st ed. Gurgaon, Shubhi Publications. (KK-137208)

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