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Buddhist Bronzes of Odisha : A Study in Context of the Evolution of Buddhist Deities
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Sagarika Mohapatra.
Bibliographical Details xii, 144 p. ills. (col.). 29 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Delhi, Pratibha Prakashan.
ISBN-10 8177024132
ISBN-13 9788177024135, 978-8177024135
Year of Publication 2017.
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Buddhist Bronzes of Odisha : A Study in Context of the Evolution of Buddhist Deities

"The discovery of ninety-two bronze icons, majority of which are Buddhist from Achutarajpur of Banpur in 1963 was rather unusual. Never before so may metal objects conncected to Buddhism were found from any part of the state despite Odisha being an important centre of Buddhism. It is rather strange that no scholar ever tried to study the evolution of Buddhist images in the religion which started opposing idolatry. Though none of the bronzes bear any name on its body, yet it can be suggested that all these belonged to 7th-8th century AD when Odisha was an important centre of Buddhism. With dessention creeping into the religion after Buddha's Nirvana, Buddhism virtually was divided on the issues of ethics and metaphysical ritualistic doctrines. Both Hinayana and Mahayana agree Buddha as Sakyamuni, being born to Mayadevi. While, Hinayan regards him as Progentior of law and call him a man with extraordinary intellect, Mahayana portrayed him as a Divine being. Thus the misogynistic religion turned into more flexible to accommodate female divinities into the pantheon. This proxmity to female divinities gave birth to another sect. Vajrayana-Tantrayana, The Banpur hoard contains images of Heruka, Vajrahunkara, Kurukulla thus making it clear that it was centre of Vajtayana. These images make an interesting study in the context of evolution of Buddhist deities."
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1. Introduction

2. Buddha

3. Maitreya

4. Avalokitesvara

5. Manjusri

6. Vajrasattva

7. Appendix - 1 Bodhisattva

8. Female Divinities Prajaparamita and Tara

9. Hariti

10. Stupa

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Buddhist Bronzes of Odisha : A Study in Context of the Evolution of Buddhist Deities / Sagarika Mohapatra. 1st ed. Delhi, Pratibha Prakashan. (KK-136802)

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