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The Banyan Tree : Essays on Early Literature in New Indo-Aryan Languages
Authorship Description
Edited by Mariola Offredi.
Bibliographical Details 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors Ltd.
ISBN-10 8173042772 (Set)
ISBN-13 9788173042775, 978-8173042775 (Set)
Year of Publication 2000.
Volume Details 2 Vols. Contents: vol. 1. xvi, 332 p. ills. maps. ISBN: 8173043426. vol. 2. viii, 333-645 p. ills. ISBN: 8173043434.
Further Details Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Early Literature in New Indo-Aryan Languages, Venice, 1997. In association with Dipartimento Di Studi Eurasiatici, Universita Degli Studi Di Venezia, Venezia.
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The Banyan Tree : Essays on Early Literature in New Indo-Aryan Languages

This book, which is published in two volumes, contains most of the papers presented at the Seventh International Conference on Early Literature in New Indo-Aryan Languages, held at Venice in 1997. They are grouped in part by geographical area, in part by subject matter, in a crossing of boundaries that sharpens the exchange between the two. In fact, they share a common feature which goes beyond regional specificities. This consists of the dialectical relationship between two elements, such as popular devotion as opposed to erudite religious faith, and their respective literary outputs; or the Muslim and Hindu religions, modified by Hindu-Muslim synthesis, and the revival of the more specifically Hindu spirit. From another point of view, where papers have been grouped according to topic, those imbued with religious sentiment may be read in contrast with those in which religious sentiment is on a fundamentally aesthetic level.


Vol. 1



Note on Transcription

Part 1
Hindu-Muslim Cultural Synthesis in 
North India and Sind

1. Qazi Qadan: A Pioneer Sindhi Poet / Ali S. Asani

2. In Quest for the Correct Combination: The Home-coming Episode in Maulana Daud's Indo-Sufi Masnavi Candayan / Naseem Hines

3. Nakh-sikh in Candayan / Shyam Manohar Pandey

4. Madhumalati and Gulsan-i isq: A Question of Originality / Peter Gaeffke

5. Visions of the Unseen: Rhetorical Strategies in Bhakti and Sufi Poetry / Thomas de Bruijn

6. Jaysi's Citrarekha / Mariola Offredi

Part 2
Urdu Drama and Poetry at the Muslim Courts

7. Heteroglossia in Amanat's Indar Sabha / Kathryn Hansen

8. Dakani's Radha-Krishna Imagery and Canon Formation in Urdu / Carla Petievich

Part 3
Modern Indian Ismailism

9. Historical and Religious Debates amongst Indian Ismailis 1840-1920 / Zawahir Moir

Part 4
Social Values and Modes of Devotion in Bengal

10. Textual Confrontations with Female Transgression in the Behula Legend / Mandakranta Bose

11. The Theology of a Lovers' Quarrel: Classical and Contemporary Interpretations of Krishna's Humiliation / Donna M. Wulff

12. Caitanya's Performances / Bozena Sliwczynska

Part 5
Modes of Transmission of Religion in Gujarat

13. Barahakkhara-kakka of Mahacandra Muni / H. C. Bhayani and Pritam Singhvi

14. A Unique Unison of the Saguna and the Nirguna in the Agamna Bar Mahina (The Barmasi) by Kayamuddin Cisti / Balvant Jani

15. The Saraju-Songs A Living Tradition within the Devi-worship Ritual of the Vaisya Sutar and Sorathia and Bhopa Rabari of Saurashtra / Hasu Yajnik

16. Sant-vani and Harijan, Mahamargi Bhajan and Ismaili Ginan: A new appraisal of popular devotion in Saurashtra / Francoise Mallison

Part 6
Religious and Literary Traditions in 
Maharashtra and the Konkan

17. Jnanadeva's Six-hundred God Ganesa / Gangadhar Morje

18. Vitthal: Sometimes Adored, Sometimes Rejected Changes in Theological Pattern / Irina Glushkova

19. The Untouchable Women Saint-poets of Maharashtra / Eleanor Zelliot

20. Janabai as a Mystic and Hagiographer / Christopher Shelke, S. J

21. Reconstruction of the History of Medieval Maharashtra through Lavanis / Varsha S. Shirgaonkar

22. The Beginnings of Konkani Literature / Jose Pereira

Vol. 2

Part 7
Mahabharata Tradition in the Vernaculars

23. A Narrative Poet's View of his Material: Visnudas's Introduction to his Brajbhasa Pandav-carit (AD 1435) / Stuart McGregor

24. The Vaisnava Parvan of the Assamese Mahabharata / W. L. Smith

Part 8
Krsna Cult in the Braj Region : A New Appraisal

25. Little Krsna's Play with the Moon / Hans Bakker

26. Uneasy Partners: Balarama as Embodiment of Wilderness / A. Whitney Sanford

Part 9
Bhakti in Rajasthan

27. Kabir and Mirabai in Folk Traditions of Western Rajasthan: Meghwal and Manganiyar Repertoires / Nancy M. Martin

28. Kabir: Recited and Sung Today in Rajasthan / Bahadur Singh

29. Mira's Yoga / Maya Burger

Part 10
Textual and Oral Transmission

30. A Vajrasuci in Hindi / David N. Lorenzen

31. The Adi Granth of the Sikhs: A Canon? / Winand M. Callewaert

32. Different Voices, Different Songs: Early Anthology Versions of Songs by Hariram Vyas / Heidi Pauwels

33. The Tradition of Varsotsav-pad-sangrah: A Different Perspective on Brajbhasa Devotional Poetry / Galina Rousseva-Sokolova

Part 11
Secularization of Religious Motifs in 
the Eighteenth Century

34. Mundane and Divine Love in Anandghan's Poetry: An eighteenth century literary debate / Imre Bangha

35. Forms of Poetic Enunciation in Ghananand / Ghanshyam Sharma

Part 12
The Ritual and the Popular : Two Ways of Interpreting 
Devotion in Modern Times

36. Devotional Poetry in Performance: Samajagayana at the Temple of Sri Radharamana in Vrindaban / Selina Thielemann

37. Bhakti in Hindi Folktales / Teiji Sakata

General Information

Researches on Early Literature in New Indo-Aryan Languages in Japan after 1980 / Taigen Hashimoto




List of Contributors

1. Ali S. Asani, Committee on the Study of Religion, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA.

2. Hans Bakker, Institute of Indian Studies, University of Groningen, AS Groningen, The Netherlands.

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10. Irina Glushkova, Center for Indian Studies, Institute of Orientology, Moscow, Russia.

11. Kathryn Hansen, 189 Grove Street, Montclair, USA.

12. Taigen Hashimoto, Dept. of Indian Philosphy, Toyo University, Tokyo, Japan.

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14. Balvant Jani, Dept. of Gujarati Language and Literature, Saurashtra University, Rajkot, India.

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38. Hasu Yajnik, 3, Sheetal Plaza, Near Lad Society, Ahmedabad, India.

39. Eleanor Zelliot, Dept. of History, Carleton College, Minnesota, USA.

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The Banyan Tree : Essays on Early Literature in New Indo-Aryan Languages / Edited by Mariola Offredi. 1st ed. New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors Ltd. (KK-13453)

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