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Rural Urban Divide and Linkages in Developing Region
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Ira Das.
Bibliographical Details xxvi, 326 p. ills. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Mittal Publications.
ISBN-10 8183247792
ISBN-13 9788183247795, 978-8183247795
Year of Publication 2017.
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Rural Urban Divide and Linkages in Developing Region

"The issue of rural-urban divide and linkages has gained importance in the world in recent years. Reducing the divide through better linkage between sectors has been one of the issues for ensuring balanced development of any country. The book presents a case of a more general phenomenon: most emerging economies are confronted with growth in urban areas at the expense of rural areas and policies. New insights into the relationship between policies, rural-urban divide and sectoral linkage is undoubtedly very relevant in a broader, even global context. The book deals with the important issue of rural-urban divide and how sectoral linkages can act as a mean to reduce such disparities.

The book assessed the nature and magnitude of rural-urban divide by constructing an index, called Rural-Urban Disparity Index (RUDI), reasons behind this divide and the means to increase the strength of the rural sector to establish fruitful linkage between rural and urban sectors by constructing a village Social Accounting Matrix (SAM).

This book can be viewed as a research contribution to the effort to address the issue of existing rural-urban divide in Assam, a resource-endowed but relatively backward state of North East India and find out ways to narrow down the divide with effective rural-urban linkages. This book may provide new insight to the academicians, researchers and the policy makers to slove the development related problems of any region with similar resource endowments and constraints."
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1. Introduction

2. Rural-Urban Divide and Linkages : Review of Literature

3. Present Status of Assam Economy

4. Assessment of Rural-Urban Divide in Assam

5. Urban Blas in the Government Policies of Assam

6. Nature and Strength of Sectoral Linkages in Assam

7. Effective Linkage Study (Impact Analysis): A Social Accounting Matrix Analysis

8. Summary of Findings, Conclusion and Policy Suggestions

Appendices and Annexures



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Rural Urban Divide and Linkages in Developing Region / Ira Das. 1st ed. New Delhi, Mittal Publications. (KK-136907)

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