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Mapping Indian Diaspora : Contestations and Representations
Authorship Description
Edited by Ajaya K. Sahoo.
Bibliographical Details xii, 259 p. ills. 22 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Jaipur, Rawat Publications.
ISBN-10 8131608972
ISBN-13 9788131608975, 978-8131608975
Year of Publication 2017.
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Mapping Indian Diaspora : Contestations and Representations

"This book deals with an important issue in the contemporary world, i.e., the Indian Diaspora, at a time when India is emerging as a global economic and geo-political power. The Indian Diaspora today numbers around 28 million, has a presence in nearly every part of the world, and most importantly, has a district identity, one that can be contrasted to other major diasporas such as the Chinese and the Armenians. The relationship of diasporic Indians with the homeland a getting stronger as a result of the revolution in faster information and communication technologies, and at the same time the Indian Government has been encouraging linkages of diasporic Indians with India in a variety of ways. This book will be useful not only to sociologists but also to scholars working in the fields of anthropology, political science, geography, history, literary, ethnic and migration studies."
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Introduction / Ajaya K. Sahoo

1. Marriage Patterns and Practices among Young South Asian Americans / Karen Leonard

2. Citizenship and Nationality : The Dynamic `Home' of Goan Catholics in Swindon, England / Joanna P. Coelho

3. Being in Kalapani : The Jahaji Bhai Aboard the Indian Emigrant Ship / Subhadeep Kumar

4. Religion and Politics in the Diaspora : The Case of Indians in Malaysia / Kishore Kumar Aleti

5. Transnationality : Enabling Individual Capabilities, Amplifying Diasporic Linkages and Redefining Policy / Sridhar Bhagavatula

6. Tracing Transnational Networks in Amitav Ghosh's `In an Antique Land' / Anindita Shome

7. Mapping Diaspora Engagement through Entrepreneurial Perspective : Issues and Challenges / Rakesh Ranjan

8. State Strategies of Differentiated Citizenship : India's Diaspora Engagement Policy / Diksha Jha

9. Diaspora on the Margin : Contextualizing Partition Diaspora and Abdul Ghami Sheikh's `Two Nations, One Story' / Angshuman Kar

10. Religious Fundamentalism and Indian Diaspora : M.G. Vassanji's `The Assassin's Song' / Arnab Kumar Sinha

11. A Search for Identity in Meena Alexander's `Raw Silk' / Sanjoy Malik

12. Identity Formation or Corrosion : A Tale of Diasporic Conversion: Reading Shani Mootoo's Cereus Blooms at Night' (1996) and Ramabai Espiner's `The Swinging Bridge' (2003) / Neetu Devi

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Mapping Indian Diaspora : Contestations and Representations / Edited by Ajaya K. Sahoo. 1st ed. Jaipur, Rawat Publications. (KK-134546)

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