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Custody Jurisprudence under Criminal Justice Administration
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Kavita Singh.
Edition, Place & Publisher Kolkata, Eastern Law House Private Ltd.
ISBN-10 8171773230
ISBN-13 9788171773237, 978-8171773237
Year of Publication 2018.
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Custody Jurisprudence under Criminal Justice Administration

Custodial violence is an unfortunate reality. This is a worldwide phenomenon inflicted upon individuals irrespective of age, sex or state of health. It is a threat to human dignity and human rights. It springs out of the perverse desire to cause undue sufferings when there is no possibility of retaliation.

The book, through its seven chapters, discusses the development of law and safeguards against custodial torture in correctional homes, starting from ancient period till today. The work elaborately deals with the types of custody, kinds of prisons, rights of prisoners, protection of vulnerable groups, women and insane prisoners against custodial violence, protection of prisoners against custodial rape, custodial death and fake encounters. It also provides the National Human Rights Commission's guidelines on arrest and encounter killings.

The present work has made an effort to deal with the intricacies of law, enforcement difficulties, remedies and suggestions available as regards to custody jurisprudence in India. Remedies like speedy trial, bail for undertrials, free legal aid for indigent persons, Public Interest Litigation and Compensation for victims of custodial violence are thoroughly dealt with. A separate chapter relating to prevention of use of third degree methods and provisions of rehabilitation to the tortured victims has been provided.

The book adopts a complete and contemporary approach to the study relating to prison administration, area of custodial violence, international legal frameworks and domestic laws relating to rights of prisoners, critical analysis of relevant Apex Court judgments, guidelines and procedural remedies and safeguards in this area.

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Custody Jurisprudence under Criminal Justice Administration / Kavita Singh. Kolkata, Eastern Law House Private Ltd. (KK-136480)

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