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India's Heritage of Gharana Music : Pandits of Gwalior
Authorship Description
Dr. Meeta Pandit.
Bibliographical Details 260 p. ills. (partly col.). 29 x 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Gurgaon, Shubhi Publications.
ISBN-10 8182904234
ISBN-13 9788182904231, 978-8182904231
Year of Publication 2018.
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India's Heritage of Gharana Music : Pandits of Gwalior

"`India's Heritage of Gharana Music: Pandits of Gwalior' is about the history of the Gwalior gharana. Gwalior's rise to being known as the cultural capital of India owes it to the patronage that it enjoyed in pre-independence times leading to the blossoming of two important styles in the music of north India, namely dhrupad and khayal.

Gwalior was the abode of music. There was a saying that even when a child in Gwalior cries, he cries in sur. The patronage by the two dynasties namely the Tomars and Scindias, made it possible to reach its pinnacle. This book is about the transition from dhrupad to khayal style in north Indian classical music and from the Khans to the Pandits.

It is the remarkable journey of how the Pandits of Gwalior imbibed this heritage at a time when it was unthinkable for Hindus to learn music from Muslim ustads who enjoyed all creature comforts provided by their patrons. It highlights the selfless guru bhakti, sadhana for attainment of highest level in any art. It is also about the contribution of the individual members of the Pandit family of Gwalior to Hindustani music. The book provides deep insight into the depth of the gayaki of Gwalior and the generosity with which the art disseminate all over India. Numerous legends, rare ancedotes, folklore, narratives make it a very interesting reading along with rare pictures from the family archives interspersed throughout the book."
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India's Heritage of Gharana Music : Pandits of Gwalior / Dr. Meeta Pandit. 1st ed. Gurgaon, Shubhi Publications. (KK-137411)

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