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Economics of India : How to Fool all People for all Times
Authorship Description
Madan Sabnavis.
Bibliographical Details xxvi, 286 p. 22 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Atlantic Publishers and Distributors.
ISBN-10 8126923814
ISBN-13 9788126923816, 978-8126923816
Year of Publication 2017.
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Economics of India : How to Fool all People for all Times

"The book `Economics of India: How to Fool all People for all Times' has been presented in a series of articles and essays on different subjects of the Indian economy and attempts to provide a different view. Most of the subjects are contemporary and hence can be related with the controversies and the view being provided by the author. A lot of data has been used to substantiate the arguments made.

This book contains 37 chapters which have been grouped under various headings like government and our perceptions, specific programmes of the government, fiscal issues, monetary policy and inflation, and so on. To maintain some semblance of cohesiveness chapters have been bracketed under 11 broad headings. The standalone chapters in each section directly lay before the reader the issue and provide the commonly held view and then attempts to provide the counter-view supported by facts and theory.

The technical language as well as the presentation of the book is good. The book starts with a section on preliminaries, which is more of a background of the economy and the flow of the economy since reforms were introduced in the nineties. The first section puts the government in focus and tackles issues more from the policy front to begin with. The second set of articles comprises commentaries on specific policies of the government which have been either criticized or presented as being path breaking. In the third section, issues relating to the budgets have been discussed. The next set of chapters goes into the realm of monetary policy and addresses the issue of fnflation; banking sectors, external side of the economy, Make in India campaign, agriculture sector, poverty, market space and commodity trading, etc.

This book will be useful for the students of Economics, particularly those taking competitive exams such as Civil Services, RBI, banks, etc. Also, it will be useful for policy makers and business professionals."
                                                                                     [from Blurb]

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Economics of India : How to Fool all People for all Times / Madan Sabnavis. 1st ed. New Delhi, Atlantic Publishers and Distributors. (KK-134820)

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