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Do We Care? : India's Health System
Authorship Description
K. Sujatha Rao.
Bibliographical Details 478 p.
Edition, Place & Publisher New Delhi, Oxford University Press.
ISBN-10 0199469547
ISBN-13 9780199469543, 978-0199469543
Year of Publication 2017.
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Do We Care? : India's Health System

India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Yet health is not a part of our ambitious development story. In fact, India's disproportionately stingy healthcare budget makes some of the poorer nations look better in comparison. Statistics, however, speak louder than critics: we have one of the highest numbers of women dying in childbirth and under-five mortality rates. Every year nearly sixty million people get pushed below the poverty line due to the health expenditures that they incur. But there are a few bright spots too: India has eradicated polio and reversed the incidence of HIV/AIDS by an impressive margin.

Drawing on her experience as the former union health secretary, K. Sujatha Rao gives us an unsparingly candid insider's view of India's health system. This richly detailed book favours increasing the health budget, greater use of technology, and providing leadership and good governance. Rao argues that unless good health is prioritized as a national goal, India's growth story will remain largely self-congratulatory.


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Part 1
India's Health System : Challenges
and Constraints

1. Evolution of India's Health System

2. Health Financing

3. Governance : Impacting the Health System

Part 2
Implementing Policy : Successes,
Failures, and the Road Ahead

4. Scaling Up to Reverse the HIV/AIDS Epidemic

5. Revitalizing Rural Primary Healthcare : The National Rural Health Mission

6. Making Our Future

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Do We Care? : India's Health System / K. Sujatha Rao. New Delhi, Oxford University Press. (KK-133010)

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