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Globalisation, Leisure and Social Change : Essays in Honour of Professor Ishwar P. Modi
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Edited by B. K. Nagla and Vinay Kumar Srivastava.
Bibliographical Details xiv, 294 p. ills. 24 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Jaipur, Rawat Publications.
ISBN-10 8131608182
ISBN-13 9788131608180, 978-8131608180
Year of Publication 2017.
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Globalisation, Leisure and Social Change : Essays in Honour of Professor Ishwar P. Modi

"In the globalisation process cultures are influenced by one another and become more alike through trade, immigration, and exchange of information and ideas. However, in recent times the degree and intensity of the conncetions among different cultures and different world regions have accelearted dramatically owing to davances in science and technology. Globalisation has truly become an agent of social change. Post industrial revolution, the new world of entertainment and leisure activities have become an important subject of research in sociology.

This festschrift, in honour of Dr. Ishwar P. Modi, an eminient sociologist and the past President of the Indian Socilogical Society, brings together articles on various aspects of leisure in different societies. Both Indian and foreign scholars have contributed papers to this volume which would impress its readers with richness of data on leisure and a variety of novel approaches to its study in cross-cultural contexts. Three ideas, however, are prominently noticeable in this book. First, the distinction of `work' and `leisure' is of Western origin. Its intellectual imposition to understand non-Western systems is fraught with risk, as concept of `work' and `leisure' vary from one situation to another. Second, since great variation exists with respect to the activities of leisure, it is important that they should be documented as `thikly' as possible. And finally, globalization has contributed a great deal in deepening the distinction between `work' and `leisure' and defining the contours of leisures activities. Providing a number of empirical and historical studies of leisure from different cultures, this volume will be of immense value to the students of social sciences and humanities."
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1. Writing About Leisure / Ken Roberts

2. Leisure and Social Change : Emerging Issues in India / Yogendra Singh

3. Globalisation and its Impact on Indian Society / B. K. Nagla

4. Caste, Class and Globalization : Community and Change / K. L. Sharma

5. Leisure in Indian Tradition : Looking Beyond the West / S. L. Sharma

6. Some Reflections on Technology and Values Nowadays / Lech W. Zacher

7. Leisure, Happiness and Delvelopment : A Global Perspective / Francis Lobo

8. Getting the Big Picture of Leisure / Robert A. Stebbins

9. Leisure, Sports and Social Change / Vishesh Kumar Gupta

10. Role of Leisure in the Reproduction of Inequalities : Puerto Rico Case Study / Anayra O. Santory Jorge, Laura L. Ortiz-Negron, Eduardo Burgos-Suazo Angellyn Santon Gonzalez

11. Leisure and Mental Health : Sociological Study of Women Experiencing Leisure during their Mental Illness / Madhu Nagla

12. Leisure, Tourism Development and Environment Interface : Reflections from Uttarakhand Tourism / Bhagwan S. Bisht

13. Impact of Leisure on Quality of Life and Social Development: Reflection on Urban India / Sukant K. Chaudhary

14. Family and Value in Contemporary Chinese Culture : From a Globalisation Perspective / Ma Huidi

15. Leisure Tools, Children and Globalisation / Rashmi Jain

16. Sociological Perspectives of Education for Lifestyle Counselling : Case of Szeged, Hungary / Klara Tarko and Habil Zsuzsanna Benko

17. Post-Retirement Leisure in Japan / Scott North

18. Interrogating Transition in African Leisure and Labour Cultures as Variable for (Un)Development in Africa / Aretha Oluwakemi Asakitikpi

19. Social Differentials and Emerging Urban Leisure Trends : A Case Study of City of Dehradun in India / Neha Kala

20. Global to Local Modernity in Bangladesh : Changing World Views of Rural Women / Habibul Haque Khondker

21. Leisure, Social Capital and Life Turns in Deviant Youth / Fabio Massimo Lo Verde

22. Leisure and Nishkam Karma / Shalini Modi

23. Dialectics of Westen Categories and Indigenous Understanding : Some Thoughts on Leisure / Vinay Kumar Srivastava

24. Why Public Sociology? / Michael Burawoy


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Globalisation, Leisure and Social Change : Essays in Honour of Professor Ishwar P. Modi / Edited by B. K. Nagla and Vinay Kumar Srivastava. 1st ed. Jaipur, Rawat Publications. (KK-132755)

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