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Mini-India : The Politics of Migration and Subalternity in the Andaman Islands
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Philipp Zehmisch.
Bibliographical Details 384 p.
Edition, Place & Publisher New Delhi, Oxford University Press.
ISBN-10 0199469865
ISBN-13 9780199469864, 978-0199469864
Year of Publication 2017.
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Mini-India : The Politics of Migration and Subalternity in the Andaman Islands

Often called `Mini-India', the Andaman Islands have been a crucial site of encounter between different regimes, subjects, castes, creeds, languages, and ethnicities. Since 1858, subaltern convicts, refugees, repatriates, and labourers from South and Southeast Asia have moved to the islands, condemned to, or in search of a new life. While some migrants have achieved social mobility, others have remained disenfranchised and marginalized.

This ethnographic study of the Andaman settler society analyses various shades of inequality that arise from migrant communities' material and representational access to the state. The author employs the concept of subalternity to investigate political negotiations of island history, collective identity, ecological sustainability, and resource access. Interpreting characteristic views, practices, and voices of subaltern interlocutors, the author untangles their collective agency and consciousness in migration, settlement, and place-making processes. Further, the book highlights particular subaltern strategies in order to achieve autonomy and peaceful cohabitation through movement, cultural and social appropriation, and multi-layered methods of resistance.


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Part 1
Theory, Methodology, and the Field

1. The Concept of Subalternity : Theoretical and Methodological Implications

2. Doing Fieldwork in the Andamans : Transformations with and within the Field

Part 2
Islands of Subalternity: Migration,
Place-Making, and Politics

3. Subaltern Migrations and the State

4. Mini-India : Nationalism, Politics, and Subaltern Consciousness

5. Manifestations of History Interlude : Fieldwork, the Subaltern, and the Everyday State

Part 3
Landscapes of Subalternity: An Ethnography
of the Ranchis of Mini-India

6. Uncovering the Silent Other : Colonization, Aboriginal Labour, and the Production of Ranchi-ness

7. The Ranchis of Mini-India : Subaltern Lifeworlds in the Margins of the State

8. The Politics of Voice and Silence : Dialectics of Domination and Autonomy





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Mini-India : The Politics of Migration and Subalternity in the Andaman Islands / Philipp Zehmisch. New Delhi, Oxford University Press. (KK-134121)

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