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Mayamata : An Indian Treatise on Architecture and Iconography
Authorship Description
Translated by Bruno Dagens.
Bibliographical Details xiv, 430 p.
Edition, Place & Publisher New Delhi, New Age Books.
ISBN-10 8178224976
ISBN-13 9788178224978, 978-8178224978
Year of Publication 2017.
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Mayamata : An Indian Treatise on Architecture and Iconography

The Mayamata is a Vastusastra, that is to say a treatise on dwelling and as such it deals with all the facets of gods' temple-dwellings, from the choice of a site to the iconography of temple walls. It contains many precise descriptions of villages and towns as of temples, houses, mansions and palaces. It gives indications for the selection of a proper orientation, of right dimensions and of appropriate building materials. In intends to be a manual for the architect and a guide-book for the layman. Well thought of by the traditional architects (sthapatis) of South India, this treatise is of interest at a time when technical traditions, in all fields are being scrutinized for their possible modern application.

The Mayamata has so far been translated into Tamil and into French. The present English version is based upon the French translation by the same author. The Sanskrit text and most of the footnotes, which accompained French edition, have been omitted so that the book may be of reasonable size.

The glossary is presented in an abridged form, most of the drawings have been retained and some more added but it should be noted that they are meant to be more than tentative sketches.

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Mayamata : An Indian Treatise on Architecture and Iconography / Translated by Bruno Dagens. New Delhi, New Age Books. (KK-133995)

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