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Inscriptions of Shivpuri : Material for the History of Gopadri Region
Authorship Description
Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh and Dr. Navneet Kumar Jain.
Bibliographical Details 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Delhi, B. R. Publishing Corporation.
ISBN-10 938758710X (Set)
ISBN-13 9789387587106, 978-9387587106 (Set)
Year of Publication 2018.
Volume Details 2 Vols. Contents: vol. 1. xx, 240, xvi p. ills. (col.). vol. 2. xx, 241-492, xxiii p. ills. (col).
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Inscriptions of Shivpuri : Material for the History of Gopadri Region

"The district of Shivpuri (ancient Sipri) derives its name from God `Siva', is bounded on the north by Morena, Gwalior and Datia, on the east by Jhansi, on the west by Kota and the south by guna districts. The past legacy of its different historic city such as Narwar, Surwaya, Bangla, Sipri, Rannod, Mahua, Kolarasa, Pacharai; tehasils headquarters of Pohari, Shivpuri, Narwar, Karera, Pichhore, Khaniyadhana, Badarwas, Kolaras, Bairagadh; and other places like Ballarpur, Bamor, Bangla, Bhanagadha, Bhimpur, Bijri, Budhera, Chinavani, Dhala, Dongar, Gudar, Hirapur, Jetpur, Magarauni, Sirsod, Urwaha, Terahi, etc. is present in the form of archaeological materials, forts, palaces, historical buildings, inscriptions, and so on. Inscriptions, in general, offer information about personages and events of Indian history, for which nothing or less is known from other sources, their authorities in most cases described contemporary events, and is the primary source of information for the chronological reconstruction of all the aspects of Indian history that might be political, social, cultural, economic, administrative, religious or linguistic as well provides useful information for the chronological development of art and architecture. Present study on the Shivpuri inscriptions is an endeavour to bring together and study more than five hundred seventy-seven published and unpublished inscriptions, arranged in chronological order, and systematically classified data in each inscription along with general introduction makes the book a corpus of the inscriptions of Shivpuri District. It consists of the detailed information regarding the rulers and the beneficiaries, administrative terms, religious persuasion, occasion and purpose of the grants, year and other astronomical account, construction or renovation of monasteries and temples, installation of images, digging or renovation of tanks, wells, planting of gardens, memoirs of the deceased persons, topographical details, evolution of languages and scripts, royal personages, administrators, pontiffs, bhatarakas, sravakas, poets, scribe, engravers and so on. It is hoped that the innovative and scholarly work should entice the spirit of the students, historians and researchers, specially those who are interested in the local history of Northern Madhya Pradesh."
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List of Plates

Vol. 1

1. Introduction

2. Inscriptions up to Samvat 1335

3. Inscriptions from Samvat 1336 to 1400

4. Inscriptions from Samvat 1401 to 1550


Vol. 2

5. Inscriptions from Samvat 1551 to 1720

6. Inscriptions from Samvat 1721 to 2026

7. Undated Inscriptions




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Title Details
Inscriptions of Shivpuri : Material for the History of Gopadri Region / Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh and Dr. Navneet Kumar Jain. 1st ed. Delhi, B. R. Publishing Corporation. (KK-137239)

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