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ASEAN Calling : Development of India's North-East through Sub-regional Cooperation
Authorship Description
Editors: Ujjwal Kanti Paul, Gurudas Das and C. Joshua Thomas.
Bibliographical Details xx, 228 p. ills. maps. 24 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Pentagon Press.
ISBN-10 9386618028
ISBN-13 9789386618023, 978-9386618023
Year of Publication 2017.
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ASEAN Calling : Development of India's North-East through Sub-regional Cooperation

"This book deals with the prospect and potential of development of India's North-Eastern Region (NER) through sub-regional cooperation with the neighbouring members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Although landlockedness has long sturted the economic growth of NER, with ASEAN-India as well as India-Bangladesh connectivity projects gathering pace, the silver lining is appearing on the horizon. The completion of India-Myanmar-Thailand (IMT) Trilateral Highway connecting Moreh (Manipur) with Mae Sat (Thailand) across Myanmar will land-link the region with the ASEAN countries. Further extension of the Highway till Vietnam and Cambodia, as is being envisaged, will take the north-eastern region even closer to the ASEAN. Likewise, India is extending railways to Manipur which will eventually be connected with the rail network of Myanmar as a part of the Asian Development Bank's Trans-Asian Railway project. Besides, the Kaladan Multi-Mortal Transit Transportation Project (KMTTP) will open up maritime route for the north-eastern region by connecting India's eastern ports with the Sittwe port in Myanmar. Again, Sitwe port will be connected with the riverine port of Paletwa an Kaladan river from where Lawngtai in Mizoram will be connected by road.

With the connectivity problem about to be resolved, in what ways would the north-eastern region engage with her South East Asian neighbours? What are the rodes of sub-regional cooperation that can benefit both NER and ASEAN? How can we enumerate and stategize the potential strengh of the region which she can after to her neighbours and dentify the essential requirements that she can pick up from them? What role the other stakeholders (state and non-state actors) can play in synchonizing domestic economic initiatives in true with the needs of the markets in neighbouring countries? How to map the various acivity-, product-, service-, specific strengths of the different states in the region for which there are demands across the borders? Which cross-border as a conceptual apparatus for bridgability rather than a dividing entity of people on either side? How can the community bording be used to promote a uniform social space in a group which is territorialy divided?"
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Sub-Regional Cooperation for Development
of the Peripheral Areas

1. Sub-Regional Cooperation : An Overview of the Global Best Practices / Tanuj Mathur

2. Sub-Regional Cooperation : Changing Contours of India-ASEAN Experience / Konthoujam Sarda

Scope for Cooperation

3. Snychronizing Internal Economic Development Initiatives and External Opportunities in India's North Eastern Region / Niranjan Roy

4. `Development Regime' in India's Northeast : The `Look (Act) East Policy' Perspective / Akshay Jyoti Sarma

5. Act East Policy and Development of India's Northeast : Opportunities and Challenges / Jayati K. Pattnaik

6. India-Myanmar-Thailand (IMT) Trilateral Highway and its Likely Impact on the Economic Integration Between NER and ASEAN / Gurudas Das and Malabika Das

7. Economic Implication of Kaladan Multi-model Transit Transport Project (KMTTP) for India's NER and ASEAN / Suwa Lal Jangu

Initiatives for Cooperation

8. Liberalization and States' Quest for External Trade and Foreign Investment : Status of North Eastern States / H. Srikanth

9. Initiatives of the State Governments in Forging Economic Ties Across the Border of Northeast India / Bidhan Barman and S. Basumatary

Trade and Investment

10. NER-ASEAN : Resources and Trade Potential / Ujjwal Kanti Paul

11. India-ASEAN Trade Relations : With Special Reference to North Eastern Region (NER) of India / A. Pushpalata Singh and Monalisa Das

12. Indo-Myanmar Border Trade at Moreh-Tamu Sector : Retrospect and Prospect / Thangiam Chandra Devi and N. B. Singh

13. Export Potential of North Eastern Region of India : An Application of Log-Loss Model / Subroto Chowdhury

Local Initiatives

14. ASEAN, NER and Barak Valley / Dipon Ghosh

15. NER-ASEAN Connectivity and Development of Barak Valley / Subodh Chandra Das



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ASEAN Calling : Development of India's North-East through Sub-regional Cooperation / Editors: Ujjwal Kanti Paul, Gurudas Das and C. Joshua Thomas. 1st ed. New Delhi, Pentagon Press. (KK-134554)

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