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Indo-Pak Tactical Missiles : Risk Dangerous Miscalculation
Authorship Description
Col. S. C. Narang.
Bibliographical Details viii, 272 p. 24 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Surendra Publications.
ISBN-10 9382192832
ISBN-13 9789382192831, 978-9382192831
Year of Publication 2017.
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Indo-Pak Tactical Missiles : Risk Dangerous Miscalculation

"India and Pakistan see their pursuit of better precision-strike tactical missiles as protecting them from coercion by the other side, but in reality they are creating more possibilities for dangerous strategic miscalculation. There is special danger of nuclear conflict breaking out in South Asia. This not simply Western propaganda but simple common sense. Nuclear weapons are most likely to be used in wartime or near-wartime conditions when mutual suspicions and tensions are greatest. It is continous hot-cold war that has been going on between India and Pakistan for 55 years, and which shows no signs of diminishing, that makes the face-off between these two nuclear equipped rivals so serious. Pakistan's development of short-range missiles `address three major concerns emanating from India: One, the rising conventional asymmetry in view escalating defense budgets by India; Two offensive doctrines postulated by India in the nuclear overhang; and three development of ballistic missile defense. Pakistan's Nasr (Hatf 9) missile as well as pursuit of cruise missiles should be seen in this context. India and Pakistan had developed a panoply o `Strategic' nuclear weapons designed to strike terror among civilian populations in metros, or to knock out majority military tragets some distance away from the border. Indai's Agni V, for instance, can strike targets over 5,000 km away and can be launched from as far south as Chennai to strike Islamabad or Beijing. Pakistan, too, has developed the Ghauti and Shaheen to strike anywhere in India, and has lately extended their range to the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, where India has an important tri-service base. But never before were nuclear weapons meant to be used as a tactical manoeuvre on the battlefield to thwart an advancing army crops. It is hoped that the book would be of great value to the researchers and students of defence studies and the common readers."
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1. India and Pakistan Precision Strike Tactical Missiles

2. Nuclear Risk Reduction Measures between India and Pakistan

3. Indian Missiles

4. Pakistani Nuclear Strikes on Tactical Targets

5. Nuclear Risk Reduction

6. Tactical Nuclear Weapons and Risk Dangers

7. India's Nuclear Weapons and Missile Programme

8. Missile Defence



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Indo-Pak Tactical Missiles : Risk Dangerous Miscalculation / Col. S. C. Narang. 1st ed. New Delhi, Surendra Publications. (KK-136003)

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