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Kailashnath Hetu : Essays on Prehistory, Protohistory and Historical Archaeology
Authorship Description
Edited by Dr. Ajit Kumar, Dr. S. V. Rajesh and Dr. G. S. Abhayan.
Bibliographical Details 29 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, New Bharatiya Book Corporation.
ISBN-10 8183152988 (Set)
ISBN-13 9788183152983, 978-8183152983 (Set)
Year of Publication 2017.
Volume Details 2 Vols. Contents: vol. 1. xxxvi, 412 p. ills. (partly col.). maps. vol. 2. ii, 413-812 p. ills. (partly col.). maps.
Further Details Festschrift to Shri Kailash Nath Dikshit.
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Kailashnath Hetu : Essays on Prehistory, Protohistory and Historical Archaeology

"This volume is a festschrift to Shri K. N. Dikshit. Shri Dikshit emanated from a very humble family back ground. His perseverance and work bestowed rich dividends and he eventually retired in 1994 as the joint Director-General of Archaeological Survey of India. Among the archaeological fraternity, he is a well known personality. He has been associated with archaeology, in various capacities, for over half a century. Despite his age and health, he continues to be associated with the Indian Archaeological Society as its Chairman and untiringly jets around the country and abroad organizing various seminars, conferences and attending meeting of various bodies.

As a mark of respect and salutation to his zeal in pursuing his interest in Archaeology, it was decided to honour him with a festchrift, coinciding with his 80th birthday which falls in June 2016. This endeavour was started two years ago and finds its present form after lot of hiccups. As editors we are thankful to all the authors who have contributed their valuable articles and with fortitue co-operated with us in the endaour.

This festschrift volumes contains essays in Prehistory, Protohistory, Rock-art, Meghliths, early Historic, Medieval, Exploration/Excavation, Bio- Archaeology, Ethno-Archaeology, Epigraphy, Art, Architecture, and Iconography from reputed scholars."
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A Pleasing Personality

Reminiscing Shri K. N. Sikshit

List of Contributors

Vol. 1

Part 1

1. A Case Study on Acheulian Adaptation at Chotanagpur and Thar Region / Gargi Chatterjee

2. Archaeological Sites of Chitrakoot / Mahendra Kumar Upadhyay

3. A Study of the Archaeology of Chennai Region of Tamilnadu, with Special Reference to Prehistoric Archaeology / S. Suresh

4. Neolithic Culture of North-Central India / V. D. Misra

Part 2
Rock Art

5. Prehistoric Rock-Art in the Vindhyas in Uttar Pradesh and Adjoining Areas, North-central India / J. N. Pal

6. Application of New Method for Qualification and Typological Understanding of the Cupules (Petroglyphs) / R. Arjun

7. Study of Early Rock Art in India : Origin, Interpretation and Chronological Aspects / Shaik Saleem

8. Bird Headed Paintings and their Signigicance in Rock Art of Tamil Nadu / S. Vasanthi

9. Petroglyphs from Kimi Nubra Valley, Ladakh / S. B. Ota, Sachin Kumar Tiwari, Rajesh Kumar and Tsering Punchok

10. Transition from Hunter-Gatherer to Breeder : Visuals from the Rock Art of Bhimbetka and Gawilgarh Hills in Central India / Prabash Sahu

Part 3

11. Archaeology of the Ramayana Sites Project / B. B. Lal

12. South Indian Protohistoric Archeology : Some Problems / A. Sundara

13. Ophir : A Proto-Historic Trading Hub on the Eest Coast / M. K. Dhavalikar

14. Chalcolithic Culture of Maharashta : New Perspective and Prospects / Vasant Shinde

15. Emergence of Urban Centres in Indian Sub-Continent / Santosh Kumar Singh

16. Lithic Objects from Khirsara, Kachchh, Western India / Jitendra Nath, R. N. Kumaran and Bipin Chandra

17. A Study on the Developments of the Bara Pottery in the Ghaggar Plains / Akinori Uesugi and Vivek Dangi

18. Chautang River Valley in the Late Harappan Perspective

19. Bone Points and Arrowheads from Agiabir, District Mirzapur : A Comparative Study / Ashok Kumar Singh

20. Archaeological Surveys in Talaja Taluka of Bhavnagar District Gujarat / S. V. Rajesh and Prabhin Sukumaran

Part 4

21. Excavation of a Megalithic Burial from Nahurjhari, Relocation and Reconstruction at Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya, Bhopal : An Experimental Approach / R. K. Mohanty

22. A Brief report on Megalithic cist burieal excavations at Niramakkulam, district Pathanamthitta, Kerala / C. S. Ambily and Ajit Kumar

23. `Militarism' Among Megalithic Folks / S. Prathapachandran

24. Iron Age-Early Historic graffiti and symbols in South India : Some Observations / V. Selvakumar

25. The Astronomy and Geometry of the Megaliths of Chano / Subhashis Das

26. Megalithic Rock Cut Caves at Kuttikkol, Kasargod District, Kerala : Archaeological Investigation in 2015 / G. S. Abhayan, Ajit Kumar, S. V. Rajesh, Akinori Uesugi, Yasuji Shimizu, R. Haseen Raja, Ananthu V. Dev, Muhammed Fasalu K. M. S. Sujanpal and M. N. Renjinimol

Part 5
Early Historic

27. Early Historic Society as gleaned from Kodumanal Inscribed Potsherds Volume Matrix Method / K. Rajan

28. Ornaments from Early Historic Gujarat / R. N. Kumaran and M. Saranya

Part 6

29. West Asian Ceramics at Vizhinjam / Ritvik G. Balvally, Ajit Kuma, S. V. Rajesh, V. Vinod and G. S. Abhayan

30. Musket Balls, Mould and Containers from excavations at Kumbla Fort, District Kasargode, Kerala / Ajit Kumar

Part 7

31. Recent Findings of Archaeological Importance in Uttarkhand / Syed Jamal Hasan

32. Recent Excavations at Ganeshwar-2013 : A Preliminary Report / Ravindra N. Singh, A. K. Pandey, D. P. Singh, Gargi Chatterjee, P. Joglekar and S. Chakradhari

33. A Preliminary Report of Scientific Archaeological Clearance at Changdev, District Jalgaon, Maharashtra / Madan Singh Chauhan and Tejas Garge

Vol. 2

Part 8

34. Indian Fauna from Ancient Travel Accounts in Western Biology / P. P. Joglekar

35. Preliminary Identification of Archaeofauna at Juni Juran, a Harappan Settlement in Kachch, Gujrat / Arati Deshpande-Mukherjee, P. K. Thomas and Shubra Pramanik

36. Th Archaeozoological Variability among Harappan Sites in Gujarat / Pankaj Goyal and P. P. Joglekar

37. Skeletal Remains from the Megalithic Burials of Tamil Nadu Contextual Analysis / S. B. Darsana

38. A Note on the Food Economy at Sanchankot, Ganga Plain, U. P. / G. L. Badam and D. P. Tewari

Part 9

39. Rock Art and Ethnographic Analogy : A Critical Narrative from India / Somnath Chakraverty, Ruman Banerjee and Alistair W. G. Pike

40. Ethno-Archaeo-Geological Study of Anthropomorphic Statues and a Dolmen of Kudlagi taluk, Bellari District Karnataka / H. Chandrashekhar

41. The Megalithic Rituals of the Liangmai Tribe of Manipur / P. Binodini Devi

42. Understanding commemoration of death and the dead within the Megalithic Culture of Vidarbha using ethnoarchaeological observations / Oishi Roy and K. Krishnan

43. Recent Ethno-Archaeological Investigations in Middle-Tel River Valley, Odisha / Nalinikanta Rana

Part 10
Art, Architecture and Iconography

44. Azhagiapandipuram Maha Vishnu image, rock-cut temple and sepulchral erections / Ajit Kumar

45. Archaeolo Gleanings on Material History of the ancient Tamils-Recent Findings (with special reference to Religion, Bead Industry and Mettallurgy) / P. D. Balaji

46. Representation of Dasavataras in sculpture : A Journey from Central India to Bengal / Swati Mondal Adhikari and O. P. Mishra

47. Vaishnavism in Manipur seen through the Coins / Rajkumari Barbina

48. Khasarpana Lokesvara in the art of Bihar / Jalaj Kumar

49. Fauna Figurines in Gupta Terracotta Art / Niharika and Ajay Srivastava

50. Cannons of Dance and Representation of the Lord of Dance in Hoysala Sculptures / Rohitha Eswer and Vrushab Mahesh

51. The Mandhatne Herostone : An Early Medieval Buddhist Warrior Memorial from the Konkan / Karush F. Dalal

52. Two rare Buddhist Images from Udayagiri, Odisha / P. K. Trivedi

53. Snmbolism of Sarnath Lion Capital / Vinay Kumar and Sulekha Banerjee

54. An Early Image of Vishnu at Satavli, District Ratnagiri, Maharashtra / Abhijit Dandekar, Shrikant Ganvir and Gopal Joge

55. A Rare Image of Asura at Mankeshwar, Maharashtra / Anuja Joshi, Shrikant Ganvir and Gopal Joge

56. Buddhism in Manipur / O. Kumar Singh

57. Epic narrative panels from Gondeshvara Temple at Sinnar, Maharashtra / Siddhi Despande, Shrikant Ganvir and Gopal Joge

58. Bodhisattva Imagery in Mathura from the beginnings to Approximately 3rd Century CE / Shirley Khoirom

59. Pipal Tree and diety in Early India / S. P. Shukla

60. Revisiting Chandraketugarh : Its Art and Archaeology / S. S. Biswas

61. Votive Stupas : An Appraisal / Sachin Kumar Tiwary

Part 11

62. The Nilambur Plates of Ravivarma Kadamba : Earliest evidence of Brahmin Settlements in Kerala / M. S. Dhiraj

63. Gwalior Stone Inscription of Kachchhapaghata Ratnapala : Samvat 1165 / Arvind K. Singh

Part 12

64. Who Owns the Dead : Involvement of Human Rights and Ethics in Burial Archaeology? / Veena Mushrif-Tripathy

65. Archaeological Investigations in Sikkim / G. K. Lama

66. The Terracotta Compartmented Seals of the Ganga Valley : Some Observations and Comments / V. H. Sonawane

67. Ancient Agriculture of Nepal : An Archaeological Perspective / Mala Malla

68. The Enclosing Walls and the Entrance Gates of Nalanda Mahavihara (Archaeological Note) / S. B. Singh

69. Glimpse into the Potters Arty / Samurailatpam Sujata Devi

70. The Corporate Guilds of Ancient India : A Unique Body / Shushmita Sen Pramanik

71. Prayag in Early Nineteenth Century / Vandana Kaushik

72. Reconstructing the History of a Village : Interplay between Text & Archeology / Bijoy Kumar Choudhary

73 Amritsar - An Important Urban Centre in Medieval Period / Surjit Kaur Jolly

74. Archaeology of Belkhandi, Odisha : A Preliminary Study / Baba Mishra

75. Kedarnath Temple : A Himalayan Tragedy / Asha Joshi

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Kailashnath Hetu : Essays on Prehistory, Protohistory and Historical Archaeology / Edited by Dr. Ajit Kumar, Dr. S. V. Rajesh and Dr. G. S. Abhayan. 1st ed. New Delhi, New Bharatiya Book Corporation. (KK-133416)

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