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Museums and Archives : A Guide for Preservation and Fumigation
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Bhujang Ramrao Bobade.
Bibliographical Details x, 357 p. ills. 24 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Delhi, B. R. Publishing Corporation.
ISBN-10 9386223120
ISBN-13 9789386223128, 978-9386223128
Year of Publication 2017.
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Museums and Archives : A Guide for Preservation and Fumigation

"The benefits of historic preservation come in many forms. The prime benefit of historical restoration is always education. It also includes both public and private benefits. Historic preservation safeguards a community's heritage, making it available to future generations for civic enjoyment and educational activities. In addition, the conservation and maintenance of historic resources and scenic areas fosters civic beauty and bolsters community pride.

But for Preservation and fumigation Museums and individual collector thoughts that it is a very hard and costly process byt now a days it is very easy and not so coslty. The simple methods for different archaeological and archival artifacts here in this book we have mention about all simple and cheap methods. So, any one use it for to preserve Historical objects. So now let's come to preserve our Glorious Heritage of Culture."
                                                                   [from Blurb]



1. Preservation Masters and Access Copies

2. Safety Precautions and Protective Devices

3. Field Determination of Fumigants

4. Chemicals used as Fumigants

5. Fumigant Mixtures

6. Application of the Fumigant

7. Fumigation of Grain in Bulk

8. Experimental Fumigations

9. Fumigation Schedules

10. Atmospheric and Vacuum Fumigation

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Museums and Archives : A Guide for Preservation and Fumigation / Bhujang Ramrao Bobade. 1st ed. Delhi, B. R. Publishing Corporation. (KK-132740)

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