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Devadasis in South India : A Journey from Sacred to a Profane Spaces
Authorship Description
S. Jeevanandam and Rekha Pande.
Bibliographical Details 322 p. ills. maps. 22 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Delhi, Kalpaz Publications.
ISBN-10 9351282104
ISBN-13 9789351282105, 978-9351282105
Year of Publication 2017.
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Devadasis in South India : A Journey from Sacred to a Profane Spaces

"This book traces the gradual transition of the devadasi system from the early medieval to the modern society from sacred to profane spaces. In early medieval period these were women with a lot of wealth and standing dedicated to temples. The intervention of the colonial power introduced new economic patterns that influence new kinds of social structure. The nation building process of the 19th century C.E. was largely constructed on female sexuality that brought concepts such as `social purity', `good women', and `motherhood' to the forefront. This fruther weakened the social acceptance of the devadasi women. In the early 20th century C.E., devadasi lost both their social and economic base and became common prostitutes and eventually the devadasi instituion faded away. This study uses qualitative methods, especially the methodologies of History and Gender Studies. Besides archival research, this research also carried out unstructured interviews with the last surviving devadasis. This book would be a very valuable resource for students and researchers of History, Women's studies and Religion."
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1. Introduction

2. Pre-Colonial South India : The Historical Context

3. Emergence and Growth of the Devadasi System : Pre Colonial Period

4. The Devadasi System : The Colonial Period

5. The Twentieth century Debate on Devadasi System

6. The Life Stories of Some Selected Devadasis of South India

7. Conclusion




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Devadasis in South India : A Journey from Sacred to a Profane Spaces / S. Jeevanandam and Rekha Pande. 1st ed. Delhi, Kalpaz Publications. (KK-132765)

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