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Indraprastha Revisited
Authorship Description
Editors: Neera Misra and Air Vice Marshal Rajesh Lal.
Bibliographical Details xxviii, 264 p. ills. (partly col.). maps. 29 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Delhi, B. R. Publishing Corporation.
ISBN-10 9386223678
ISBN-13 9789386223678, 978-9386223678
Year of Publication 2017.
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Indraprastha Revisited

"Indraprastha Revisited is a book of the papers presented at the first ever International Conference held on this most ancient and first planned city that now lies within the confines of the present Delhi. India's National Capital. This conference was organized by Draupadi Dream Trust of on 22nd & 23rd November 2016, as part of the 1st Indraprastha Festival (18th-25th) November 2016) and was supported by Ministry of Culture, ICCR and National Museum.

Renowned scholars from various fields such as Archaelogy, Art, Science, Sanskrit, History, Astronomy and others participated in the conference. Their papers present to us the identification of Indraprastha, and its antiquity by way of archaeological evidence and astronomical data. Papers were also presented on inscriptions and government records identifying Indraprastha, the erstwhile Indrapat or Indapat, as being the one integral and part of the Purana Qila.

Papers give insight into the governance, culture, history and legacy during Mahabharata period, and ancient Indraprastha, and the conflict between good and evil and `Dharma and Adharma'.

The conference papers highlighted the gaps that exist in knowledge of that period. Scholars also stated unequivocally the need to showcase Indraprastha to the country and to the world, so that a correct history of Delhi and this Purana Qila, which have antiquity of several thousand years, and is not limited to 500-800 years, as apparent from existing structures and monuments of medieval era. Scholars suggest that this wrong impression needs to be corrected by exposing the site excavated by archaeologists since 1950s till 2014, and creating an exposition of international standards. Some papers threw interesting light on this aspect. Valuable recommendations given are also included here. The book will be liked by all appreciators of our ancient culture, heritage art and history.

Indraprastha Revisited is a book for the Ministry of Culture to Revisit Indraprastha."
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List of Plates

1. Historicity of the Mahabharata and Identification of Indrasprastha / B. B. Lal

2. Prehistoric Indraprastha / A. K. Sharma

3. History and Archaeology of Purana Qila with Special Reference to Recent Archaeological Excavations / Vishnu Kant

4. Indraprastha in Inscriptions / B. M. Pande

5. Founding of Indraprastha : Estimate of its Date on the Basis of Archaeoastronomy / Narhari Achar

6. Archaeology of Indraprastha / B. R. Mani

7. Covergence of Evidence on a Chronology of the Mahabharata War / Koenraad Elst

8. Ethnic Reconstruction of the Mahabharata : A Preliminary Attempt / Sommath Chakravarty

9. Indian Calendar During the Time of Pandavas / Ashok K. Bhatnagar

10. Yamuna : A Study of Its Links from the Sarasvati Findings / Jitith Nadumuri Ravi

11. Principles of Governance in the Mahabharata (Based on the Santi Parva) / A. D. Mathur

12. Indraprastha, Indra's field in the Mahabharata and in Eurasian Mythology and Culture / Come Carpentier de Gourdon

13. Ruling Dynasties of Kaliyuga and Ancient Indraprastha : As Depicted in Bhagavata Purana / Shashi Tiwari

14. The Legacy of India's Ancient Past in the Sultanate and Mughal Architecture of Delhi / Swapna Liddle

15. Showcasing the Heritiage of India with Special Reference to Indraprastha / K. K. Muhammed

16. The Role of NGO's and Individuals in Preserving and Promoting Cultural Heritage in India / Prasnant R. Chauhan and S. K. Pachauri

17. Silpa in Janapada Period / Sudha Satyawadi

18. Vignettes of Mahabharata from Modern Indian Art / Arundhati Dasgupta

19. A Scene from the Mahabharata as Seen in th Murals of the Chattar Mahal of the Kota Palace / Rupali Yadav

20. Geo-Politics of the Mahabharatan Era / G. D. Baskhi

21. Indraprastha- A Journey from the Past to the Future / Renu Khanna

22. Indraprastha : The Legacy of the Pandavas / Neera Misra

23. Indraprastha as it was known to the Ancient Indian Buddhists / K. T. S. Sarao


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Indraprastha Revisited / Editors: Neera Misra and Air Vice Marshal Rajesh Lal. 1st ed. Delhi, B. R. Publishing Corporation. (KK-134561)

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