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A to Z Geology of India : Stratigraphy and Fossils: A Bedside Book
Authorship Description
O. P. Mathur.
Bibliographical Details vi, 207 p. 24 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Jodhpur, Scientific Publishers.
ISBN-10 9386652110
ISBN-13 9789386652119, 978-9386652119
Year of Publication 2018.
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A to Z Geology of India : Stratigraphy and Fossils: A Bedside Book

"The book is in the form of a ready reference. The subject matter of stratigraphy is full of names of formations, groups, etc. At times when we need to know about a certain formation for which we do not know the exact stratigraphic position, then we have to search the entire book, page by page, which becomes quite irritating and time consuming. To overcome this porblem, the idea of arranging the different formations in an alphabetic order occurred to the author. During this process it was seen that many small formations, which are otherwise important, do not get their due representation, because they lie in company or association with much larger formations. Otherwise also stratigraphy is nothing but an orderly and chronological arrangement of diffrent formations. In other words, we can say that stratigraphy is a language by itself, where different formations are its words. Same is the case with large number of fossils occurring in different formations. In the usual literature on the subject, it is practically impossible to find in what formation or formations a particular fossil occurs and to which fossil group it belongs. Alphabetical arrangement of fossils as shown in the list of fossils will help students and scholars to persue their task in an easier and quicker way. To arrange such a large number of fossils in an alphabetical order and to find their fossil groups was really a tough job. Still the author does not claim that all the formations and fossils occuring in the Indian stratigraphy are included in this book, and it cannot be the last world on the subject. This is more true in case of fossils, where unlimited literature is available."
                                                                                  [from Blurb]


1. Preface

2. List of Formations

3. Description of Formations

4. List of Tables

5. List of fossils with their occurrences and fossils groups

6. List of fossiliferous formations with their fossils

7. List of fossil groups pertaining to this book

8. Details of the fossil groups

9. List of fossils as per the fossil groups

10. List of fossiliferous formations

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A to Z Geology of India : Stratigraphy and Fossils: A Bedside Book / O. P. Mathur. 1st ed. Jodhpur, Scientific Publishers. (KK-136643)

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