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Ergonomics Intervention in Dairy Sector
Authorship Description
Dr. Deepali Chauhan.
Bibliographical Details viii, 272 p. ills. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Biotech Books.
ISBN-10 8176224146
ISBN-13 9788176224147, 978-8176224147
Year of Publication 2018.
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Ergonomics Intervention in Dairy Sector

"The handbook `Ergonomics Intervention in Dairy Sector' is to draw attention of engineers, tool designers and tool manufacturer towards awkward working conditions of dairy workers through systematic data documentation on occupational work stress of dairy workers. So that appropriate tool/techniques can be devised to improve working conditions by creating a fit between job demands and mental and physical limitations of male and female dairy works of higher and lower age group. Moreover, automation and mechanization of dairy sector will not only improve health status and productivity of dairy workers but also increase their leisure time which they can use in other income generating activities. Further, the scientists and research scholars can use book to take-up future researches in the concerned field. The information's gathered in book may also be helpful to the extension workers, NGOs and other extension organization to extend the useful information to the beneficiaries."
                                                                                              [from Blurb]

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Ergonomics Intervention in Dairy Sector / Dr. Deepali Chauhan. 1st ed. New Delhi, Biotech Books. (KK-136865)

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