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Pakistan : The Roots of Dictatorship
Authorship Description
Brig. Krishankant.
Bibliographical Details viii, 296 p. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Delhi, Gaurav Book Centre Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN-10 9383316748
ISBN-13 9789383316748, 978-9383316748
Year of Publication 2017.
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Pakistan : The Roots of Dictatorship

"This work contains seven chapters having deep hearing on the nearly and recent history of Afghanistn. Afghanistan had been the theatre of war between the two super powers of the world, Soviet Union and the United States. After the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviets the proxy war between the two intensified. Soviet Union was bled to its ultimate demise. Afghanistan was shattered. Afghanistan has been an area of military conflicts and rivalries between world powers, non-state actors and other interest groups during the past decades. Ever since the military intervention of former Soviet Union in December 1979, the country has witnessed an array of deadly battles, destruction, human rights violations and destitution. The endless war which is not at all in the interests of the people of Afghanistan but for the hegemonic gains and profits for certain powers, has become the blight for the social, cultural, religious and economic basis of the country. This book looks beyond popular stereotypes to explore the roots of the Taliban movement, the factors that contributed to its sudden rise and the implications of Taliban mobilization for the stability of Afghanistan and the surrounding region."
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1. Pakistan's Military Rulers

2. The Roots of Islamic Militancy in Pakistan

3. Constitutional Beginnings in Pakistan

4. Civilian `Democracy' vs Military `Dictatorship' Debate in Pakistan

5. Pakistan : Democracy and Dictatorship

6. Pakistan's Long Dalliance with Militancy

7. Terrorism and the Pakistani Intelligence Agency

8. Pakistani Fundamentalism

9. Pakistan : Ideological Moorings and Individuality Emergency

10. Pakistani Jihadists and the Kashmir



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Pakistan : The Roots of Dictatorship / Brig. Krishankant. 1st ed. Delhi, Gaurav Book Centre Pvt. Ltd. (KK-133455)

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