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Renewable Energy Resources for Sustainable Development
Authorship Description
Dr. Abdeen Mustafa Omer, Dr. M. M. Abid Ali Khan and Murtaza Abid.
Bibliographical Details xxiv, 383 p. ills. maps. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Discovery Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN-10 9350568713
ISBN-13 9789350568712, 978-9350568712
Year of Publication 2017.
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Renewable Energy Resources for Sustainable Development

"The use of fossil fuel has been largely blamed for warming the climate. When coal, gas, wood and oil are burnt, it released harmful gases causing global warming and environmental pollution. The world sumit on sustainable development in Johannesburg in 2002 committed itself to encourage and promote the development of renewable energy resources for sustainable eco-friendly environment. It includes the new innovations in renewable energy efficiency systems and energy conservation in order to mitigate measures necessary to reduce climate change.

This book entitled `Renewable Energy Resources for Sustainable Development' is divided into twelve chapters includes sustainable energy development, demand for energy efficient eco friendly environment, ground water potentialities, ground source energy for heat pump system, cooling and heating, review on renewable energy and challenges, green energy saving mechanism, bio heat from agriculture waste, bio energy for better environment, sustainable water resource management, green ecology, economics and eco engineering, renewable energy technologies for development of sustainable environment.

It is concluded that renewable environmetally friendly energy resources must be encouraged, promoted, implemented and demonstrated by full scale plant (device) both for use in urban and rural areas in order to meet future energy demand and for environmental security. The present book proves highly useful for researchers and students of specialities in bio engineering, new and renewable energy resources and environmental biotechnology, who are interested to improve their knowledge in order to keep the earth healthy and to meet future sustainable energy demand."
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Key Terms and Definitions


1. Sustainable Energy Development and Environment

2. Demand for Energy Efficient, Eco-friendly Environment, Applications and Sustainable Development

3. Groundwater Potential and Sustainable Management in the Nile Valley : An Overview

4. Ground Source Heat Pump System for Energy Efficient, Refrigeneration and Air Conditioning

5. Cooling and Heating with Ground Source Energy

6. Review of Energy Resources and Challenges : Past, Present and Future

7. Development of Green Energy Saving Mechanisms

8. Comprehensive Review of Bioheat from Agriculture Wastes, Sustainable Development Environment

9. Promotion and Implementation of Bioenergy for a Better Environment : A Mini Review

10. Sustainable Water Resources Management, Future Demands and Adaptation Strategies

11. The Green Ecology, Economics and Ecosystem Engineering

12. Renewable Energy Technologies, Sustainable Development and Environment


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Title Details
Renewable Energy Resources for Sustainable Development / Dr. Abdeen Mustafa Omer, Dr. M. M. Abid Ali Khan and Murtaza Abid. 1st ed. New Delhi, Discovery Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. (KK-133407)

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