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India's Foreign Policy : Achievements and Challenges
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S. Kumar.
Bibliographical Details x, 315 p. ills. 29 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Gurgaon, Shubhi Publications.
ISBN-10 8182904331
ISBN-13 9788182904330, 978-8182904330
Year of Publication 2017.
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India's Foreign Policy : Achievements and Challenges

"Foreign policy, international economic and diplomatic relations are of immense value for every nation-state for its very survival and economic prosperity amidst the comity of nations. In fact, many crucial factors are responsible for shaping the foreign policy, which become obsolete with the passage of time and contemporary new factors emerge for the same. The book has been written in accordance with the syllabus of undergraduate, B.A. (Hons) programming, political science. It is also in incisive manual from the candidates appearing for Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and State's Civil Service examinations besides being invaluable for students and researchers of political science. This book presents an innovative high profile volume provinding an authoritative and accessible examination and critique of Indian foreign policy. The chapters contained herein present the dynamics of Indian foreign policy since independence onwards. All salient features and events are touched and explained. It is hoped that the book will be able to provide rich material for serious students of Indian foreign policy planners administrators and politicians alike."
                                                                        [from Blurb]


1. India and the World

2. India's National Security

3. India's International Development Program

4. The Role of the Diaspora in India's Foreign Policy

5. The Economic Imperatives Shaping India's Foreign Policy

6. Policy Towards Neighbouring Countries

7. India's Bifurcated Look in Central Eurasia

8. US-India Relations: The Struggle for an Enduring Partnership

9. SAARC : Origin, Growth, Potential and Achievements

10. BRICS : Opportunities and Challenges

11. India's Role in Global Governance

12. Multilateralism in India's Nuclear Policy

13. Narendra Modi's Achievement in Foreign Policy



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India's Foreign Policy : Achievements and Challenges / S. Kumar. 1st ed. Gurgaon, Shubhi Publications. (KK-137209)

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