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Emerging Health Issues Across the Life Stages
Authorship Description
Editors: Dr. Jamuna Prakash and Dr. M. Komala.
Edition, Place & Publisher New Delhi, AAYU Publications.
ISBN-10 9385161504
ISBN-13 9789385161506, 978-9385161506
Year of Publication 2017.
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Emerging Health Issues Across the Life Stages

Enhancing the quality of human life is an important objective of the development paradigm in many developing countries. It is a well-known fact that India is the second largest populous country confronted with several emerging health related issues resulting in deterioration in health status. Human Development is a science subject which adopts life span approach to understand growth and development of human being from the moment of conception till death. It also deals with health problems during key stages of life including pregnancy, childhood and adolescence, senescence. Interdisciplinary research studies compiled in this book clearly reveal the powerful relationships between growth, development, health and care-giving. This book is a compendium of research studies on emerging health issues like maternal and newborn health, child and adolescent health, sexual and reproductive health, mental health, nutrition and health, adulthood and healthy aging. The book is useful for students, research scholars and professionals of Human development, Food science and nutrition, Psychology, Anthropology, Social work, Sociology, Education, and Economics along with Medical Sciences to understand emerging health issues across the life stages. This book includes valuable suggestions made for welfare and development of people to promote quality of life and can be considered a valuable document for understanding the health in terms of individual and society.

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Emerging Health Issues Across the Life Stages / Editors: Dr. Jamuna Prakash and Dr. M. Komala. New Delhi, AAYU Publications. (KK-134159)

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