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Goddess Varahi in Indian Art
Authorship Description
Dr. Sanjaya Kumar Mahapatra.
Bibliographical Details xviii, 114 p. ills. maps. 29 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Delhi, B. R. Publishing Corporation.
ISBN-10 9387587118
ISBN-13 9789387587113, 978-9387587113
Year of Publication 2018.
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Goddess Varahi in Indian Art

"Sakti is the Mother of the Universe : the highest primal power. She is the all-pervading, intagible energy principle that propels the cosmos and its endless human dimensions with the life-throbs of activity and culture. Varahi, the Devine Mother is one of the manifestations of Sakti. She is a ferocious goddess like Camunda of the Hindu pantheon representing the female energy of Varaha Visnu though she has little in common with her male counterpart Varaha except her boar face. The cult of Saptamatrka is of considerable antiquity. The Mahabharata, the Puranas and other literary texts have provided vivid accounts of the origin of the little Mother Goddesses. The author besides emphasizing on the literary descriptions of Matrikas has also discussed the emergence and representation of the Goddess Varahi along with the iconographical interpretation as the goddess has occupied a prominent place in the sculptural history of India through the ages.

Here the author presents rich and variegated pictures of the Goddess Varahi which glorify the Art History of India highlighting the iconography of individual images with special reference to the Silpa and Tantric texts. He forcuses on different depictions of Varahi images. The book also incorporates the genesis of Sakti cult, `sakta pithas' of Odisha, origin and evolution of the goddess Varahi, survey of prominent sculptures found both in Odisha and Indian sub-continent. The work abounds in photographs revealing the variety forms of the goddess which will create interest for scholars and students of Indology, particularly those studying religious art, architecture and sculpture of Odisha in particular and that of India in general."
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1. Introduction

      * Concept of Sakti

      * Genesis of Sakti Cult

      * Saktism in Different Periods

      * Saktism in Orissa

      * The Sakta Pithas in Orissa

2. Matrkas as Devine Mothers

      * Metaphysical Significance

      * Genesis

      * Mythology

3. Iconography

      * General Iconography of Matrkas

      * Iconography of Varahi

4. Sculptural Representation

      * Evolution in Indian Art

      * Evolution in Odishan Art

5. Interpretation of Images

      * Depiction in Indian Art

      * Depiction in Odishan Art

6. Ritualistic Procedure

      * Ritual and its Utility

      * The Worship Procedure

7. Conclusions





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Goddess Varahi in Indian Art / Dr. Sanjaya Kumar Mahapatra. 1st ed. Delhi, B. R. Publishing Corporation. (KK-137236)

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