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Environmental Challenges of Delhi Metropolitan Region
Authorship Description
Dr. Anju Singh.
Bibliographical Details xxvi, 246 p. ills. maps. 22 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Research India Press.
ISBN-10 935171053X
ISBN-13 9789351710530, 978-9351710530
Year of Publication 2017.
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Environmental Challenges of Delhi Metropolitan Region

"This book focuses on environmental issues of Delhi Metropolitan Region. Delhi Metropolitan Region has faced more rapid rate of urbanization and environmental change than the average of the other Indian metropolitan centers. Delhi Metropolitan Region is facing many critical problems and is struggling for sustainability. Due to many economic and infrastructural developments in Delhi during the past few decades, the built-up area of city rapidly expanded beyond its limit. It is day by day expanding the size and reducing the inter-spacing surrounding rural belt and due to this infrastucture development, environmental quality and sustainability has been adversely affected in Delhi region. This is causing immense changes in land use pattern and affecting the quality of land, water and living condition in the Delhi Metropolitan Region. Emerging issues related to land degradation, water scarcity, forest degradation and air pollution have been discussed in the book in order to contribute towards achieving sustainable development.

Finally a comprehensive strategy has been proposed for improving livelihood security of the people of the Delhi region. This book includes eight chapters together with summary and conclusion. This is useful for students and teachers of geography, environmental studies, urban studies and regional planning as well as policy makers."
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1. Introduction

2. Geographical Profile of the Study Area

3. Spatio-Temporal Perspective of Urban and Industrial Development

4. Impact on Land, Water and Forest Resources

5. Impact on Air Quality

6. Impact of Metropolisation on Urban Fringe: Case Studies

7. Sustainable Urban Development : Policy and Responses

Summary and Conclusions

Selected Bibliography

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Environmental Challenges of Delhi Metropolitan Region / Dr. Anju Singh. 1st ed. New Delhi, Research India Press. (KK-136384)

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