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Urban Sociology in New Millennium
Authorship Description
Arun Garg and Dr. Jaquir Iqbal.
Bibliographical Details x, 262 p. ills. maps. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 2nd ed. New Delhi, Global Vision Publishing House.
ISBN-10 8182209722
ISBN-13 9788182209725, 978-8182209725
Year of Publication 2018.
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Urban Sociology in New Millennium

"The present edition examines a balanced review of the ecological arguments that the urban arena produces unique experiential and urban-based cultural effects while exploring the broader sociological contexts in new millennium that produce and modify the urban society. From a first chapter that begins with a discussion of some of the more micrological features of the urban experience, this edition focuses on the significance of the more macrological, cultural, and social and political dimensions of urban change in historical span that includes the first cities and concludes with an exploration of the implications of cyberspace, transnationalism, and global terrorism for the future of urban sociology. While this study focuses primarily on modern Indian cities, its analytical and integrated discussion makes it applicable to urban societies in general."
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1. Introduction

2. Urban Sociology and Socil Theory

3. Social Change and Social Order in Rural to Urban Migration

4. Trend and Structure of Urban Development

5. Confronting and Critical Issues of Urban Sociology

6. Urban Sociology and Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood

7. Theories of Urban Poverty and its Implications

8. The Emergence of New Urban Socio-Spatial Formation in India




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Urban Sociology in New Millennium / Arun Garg and Dr. Jaquir Iqbal. 2nd ed. New Delhi, Global Vision Publishing House. (KK-136797)

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