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Social Realism in the Indian Milieu : A Study of Khushwant Singh's Novels
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Dr. Bhagwat Ratan Chaudhari.
Bibliographical Details x, 182 p. 24 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Jaipur, Ishika Publishing House.
ISBN-10 9385302043
ISBN-13 9789385302046, 978-9385302046
Year of Publication 2017.
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Social Realism in the Indian Milieu : A Study of Khushwant Singh's Novels

"The present book begins with an `Social Realism in the Indian Milieu: A Study of Kushwant Singh's Novels'. Kushwant Singh has used history as a raw material for his three novels `Train to Pakistan', `I Shall Not Hear the Nightingale and Delhi'. `His Train to Pakistan' is about the trauma of partition, It reveals the historical incident of dividing India into Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan. `I Shall Not Hear the Nightingale' gives the colonial picture in British India along with the goings on in a typical Sikh household. `Delhi' tells the historical story of the city of Delhi during different eras; it is a blend of personal memories and history, Khushwant Singh himself observed the partition of India, At the time of partition he was living at Lahore. Violence had broken out in 1946. Hindus and Sikhs were being massacred brutally in northwestern Punjab, Lahore and Amritsar. He was reluctant to leave Pakistan. By the Middle of 1947 it was evident that Hindus and Sikhs would have to leave Pakistan. He compiled this historical incident in a novel. His success in the first novel `Train to Pakistan' created interest in him about the history of India. He Studied the history of India and the history of Skihs. Khushwant Singh's novels demonstrte his deep study of Indian history and the history of Skihs."
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1. Introduction

2. Social Realism in Train to Pakistan

3. Social Realism in I Shall Not Hear Nightingale

4. Social Realism in Delhi

5. Social Realism in the Company of Women

6. Conclusion


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Social Realism in the Indian Milieu : A Study of Khushwant Singh's Novels / Dr. Bhagwat Ratan Chaudhari. 1st ed. Jaipur, Ishika Publishing House. (KK-132751)

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