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India's Foreign Policy and Diplomacy : Emerging Scenario and Challenges
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Edited by Dr. C. Vinodan.
Bibliographical Details xiv, 194 p. ills. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, New Century Publications.
ISBN-10 8177084364
ISBN-13 9788177084368, 978-8177084368
Year of Publication 2017.
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India's Foreign Policy and Diplomacy : Emerging Scenario and Challenges
"India has formal diplomatic relations with most countries of the world. India is a regional power, a nascent global power and a potential superpower. India has a growing international influence and a prominent voice in global affairs. After India gained Independence from the United Kingdom in 1947, it strongly supported independence movements in other colonies. Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first Prime Minister, was the architect of India's foreign policy. During the Cold War, India adopted a foreign policy of not aligning itself with any major power bolc. However, India developed close ties with the Soviet Union and received extensive militray support from it. The end of the Cold War significantly affected India's foreign policy, as it did for much of the world. In the post-Cold War era, a significant aspect of India's foreign policy is the `Look East Policy' launched in 1992. India's growing economy, strategic location, and a large and vibrant diaspora have won it more allies and partners. India has friendly relations with several countries in the developing world. The foreign policy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi indicates a shift towards focusing on the Asian region and, more broadly, trade deals. This volume contains 9 research articles, authored by scholars in the field of political science, international relations, comparative politics, economics, security studies, and political economy. These contributions provide useful material to understand contemporary dynamics of India's foreign policy and diplomacy." [from Blurb] Contents About the Book About the Editor Contributors Preface 1. India's Foreign Policy in the Post-Cold War Era / Shibashis Chatterjee and Sreya Maitra Roychoudhury 2. Emerging Vistas of India's Indo-Pacific Engagement / W. Lawrence S. Prabhakar 3. India-Pakistan Relations under Modi-led NDA Government / Sanjay K. Jha 4. India's Policy towards Indian Communities Living Abroad / V. Suryanarayan 5. Faultlines in India's Neighbourhood Policy and Nepal's Quest for Identity / K. S. Pavitran 6. India-Central Asia Strategic Relations / Anurag Tripathi 7. India and European Union : Security and Strategic Aspects / B. Krishnamurthy and Vijayata Rani 8. India's Climate Change Policy : Paris Conference and Beyond / Anu Unny 9. India's Act East Policy / Rajiv Bhatia Index
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India's Foreign Policy and Diplomacy : Emerging Scenario and Challenges / Edited by Dr. C. Vinodan. 1st ed. New Delhi, New Century Publications. (KK-133401)

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