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Forts of Kerala : Historical and Architectural Account
Authorship Description
Dr. Ajit Kumar.
Bibliographical Details x, 254 p. ills. (col.). maps. 29 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, New Bharatiya Book Corporation.
ISBN-10 8183153062
ISBN-13 9788183153065, 978-8183153065
Year of Publication 2017.
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Forts of Kerala : Historical and Architectural Account

"The present state of Kerala was formed in 1956 incorporating the territories of erstwhile states of Travancore, Cochin and parts of British Malabar. Some territories of south Kanara or Tulunadu are today parts of north Kerala and some territiries of Travancore state in far south are today parts of Tamil Nadu.

There were numerous forts and fortifications along the land stretch of Kerala. The word `kotta' found associated as prefix or suffix to place names indicate the prevalence of forts in many areas across Kerala. Forts have played a crucial role in delineating the history of the region. Many of the old forts were constructed using mud and timber or combinations of both and have been lost in ravages of wars and time. Dresses stone became popular in the constructions of forts in kerala, after the advent of European colonist and many surviving forts belong to this period.

There has been no holistic work on the forts of Kerala. The objective of this monograph, which is first of its kind, is to present a brief historical and architectural account of the forts in Kerala. History and architecture of 32 forts have been dealt in this book. It has been written and formatted with lot of photographs and plans with a view to make it appealing and conveyable equally to students, connoisseur of history, tourists, and the general public."
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List of Figures

1. Introduction

2. Physiographic features of Kerala

3. Brief Historical background of Kerala

4. Brief History of Fortification with special reference to Kerala

5. Surveyed Forts and Remains

6. Concluding Observations





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Forts of Kerala : Historical and Architectural Account / Dr. Ajit Kumar. 1st ed. New Delhi, New Bharatiya Book Corporation. (KK-134854)

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