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Excavations at Rajim
Authorship Description
A. K. Sharma, Prabhat Kumar Singh and Praveen Tirkey.
Bibliographical Details xviii, 250 p. ills. (partly col.). maps. 29 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Delhi, B. R. Publishing Corporation.
ISBN-10 938622383X
ISBN-13 9789386223838, 978-9386223838
Year of Publication 2018.
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Excavations at Rajim

"This book is a report on excavation conducted at Rajim in 2012-14. The site revealed cultural periods from Pre-Mauryan to Kalchuri. Structural remains and antiquities belonging to Pre-Mauryan, Mauryan, Satvahana, Sarabhapuriya, Panduvamsi and Kalchuri periods were recovered. The dig proved that Rajim was apart from being an important religious centre, a well developed trade centre as a rock-cut port has been located at Sirkatli, on river Pairi. The site was devastated six times by the floods of Mahanadi which takes a turn to north-east at Rajim. The site in still flourshing even after 2500 years as an important religious centre of Chhattisgarh."                                                                                 [from Blurb]




List of Figures

List of Plates

1. Introduction

2. Geology and Environs

3. The Site

4. The Excavations

    A. Structures

    B. Sculptures

    C. Coins and Moulds

        (a) Coins

        (b) Sealing

        (c) Stamp

        (d) Mould

5. Material Culture

    A. Iron Objects

    B. Copper Objects

    C. Bronze Objects

    D. Silver Object

    E. Lead Object

    F. Alloy Metal

6. Terracotta Objects

    (a) Objects of Toilet

    (b) Lid

    (c) Spindle - Whorls

    (d) Lamps

    (e) Dabbers

    (f) Votive Tablets

    (g) Votive Linga and Yonipitha

    (h) Wheels

    (i) Chillum

    (j) Hop Scotch

    (k) Laddle/Spoon

    (l) Incense Burner

    (m) Sling Balls

    (n) Weighing Pan

    (o) Net Sinker

    (p) T. C. Figurines

    (q) Terracotta Figures

7. Beads

8. Bangles

9. Marbles

10. Stone Objects

11. Shells

12. Stylus

13. Unidentified Objects

14. Pottery



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Excavations at Rajim / A. K. Sharma, Prabhat Kumar Singh and Praveen Tirkey. 1st ed. Delhi, B. R. Publishing Corporation. (KK-136874)

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