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Military Buildup and Security in South Asia Perspecitive
Authorship Description
Dr. Anuradha Prakash.
Bibliographical Details viii, 256 p. 24 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Aarti Prakashan.
ISBN-10 9382185054
ISBN-13 9789382185055, 978-9382185055
Year of Publication 2017.
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Military Buildup and Security in South Asia Perspecitive

"As the center of world economic growth and world politics is shifting to South Asia the region is undergoing a strategic transformation due to the ongoing power shift. As a result, major regional powers, namely the USA, China, Japan, India, South Korea, Australia and South Asian states are building up their military potential, in particular naval forces, amid aggravating regional security problems and escalation of maritime disputes. Asian defense spending will surpass that of Europe for the first time in over half a millennium. A steep drop in European military expenditures after the Cold War, a concurrent and steady rise in Chinese expenditures, and a recent sharp increase in defense spending across the rest of Asia rapidly closed the gap between the two continents. Reasons vary for Asia' military buildup and many, whether right or wrong, have begun to darkly speculate about its implications for the region. But one thing seems certain: Asia's military buildup is no flash in the pan; it is likely to endure. This book aims to assess regional strategies and military buildup in the Indo-Pacific. With the USA seeking to preserve dominance in the region. China trying to realign the regional power dynamics in its favor, Japan aiming to preserve its place as one of the regional leaders, India and Russia with their goals to become independent powers, and middle and small powers searching for an adequate answer to regional challenges, East Asia and the Indo-Pacific are clearly showing a complex dynamics of competing regional strategies and visions of regional order. It is further hoped that the book will prove to be of immense value to teachers, students and researchers."
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1. Introduction

2. Military Balace and Security in Southeast Asia

3. The India-pakistan Dimension in South Asia Security

4. Military Strategy and Diplomacy in South Asia

5. International Security in South Asia

6. Military Building for Modernization Strategy in South Asia



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Military Buildup and Security in South Asia Perspecitive / Dr. Anuradha Prakash. 1st ed. New Delhi, Aarti Prakashan. (KK-136001)

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