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Social Ecology and Environmental Protection in India : Issues, Challenges and Strategies
Authorship Description
Dr. A. K. Singh and Dr. S. P. Singh.
Bibliographical Details xxvi, 576 p. ills. maps. 22 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Serials Publications.
ISBN-10 9386611147
ISBN-13 9789386611147, 978-9386611147
Year of Publication 2018.
Further Details In association with Anchalika Vikas Parishad, Balasore.
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Social Ecology and Environmental Protection in India : Issues, Challenges and Strategies

"India has witnessed remarkable progress in human and economic development since Independence. The human activities are adversely affecting the environment and ecology while the global issues like ozone layer depletion, greenhouse, gases affect, global warming, climatic change, etc, causes concern. The environmental pollution is posing a serious challenge for the sustainability of the economic growth while the road to sustainable development is a tardy one. There is degradation of natural resources due to over exploitation, unsustainable economic and commercial activities as well as poor governance of environmental regulations, policies and enforcement of environmental legislations. The social dimensions of environmental degradation are of paramount importance. Social ecology is a field of study first named and developed by Murray Bookchin in the 1960's. Social ecology emphasizes actions and reflective practice that integrate personal, social political and environmental concerns and possobilities. The end goals of social ecology include welbeing and health, in the broadest sense equity and social justice, and the fostering of mutualistic and caring relationships, personal meaning, organizational learning, co-evolutionary change and ecological sustainability. Environmental protection and conservation and sustainable development of natural resources assumes paramount importance in the context of changing paradigms of development and governance. Against this backdrop, present volume highlights the issues and dimensions of social ecology and environmental protection in India. It is expected the volume will be highly useful in understanding of social ecology, environment, sustainable development, natural resources management and evolving roadmap for protection of environment in India."
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List of Contributors

1. Social Ecology and Environmental Protection in India : Issues, Challenges and Strategies / A. K. Singh

2. Theoretical Perspective of Social Ecology / D. R. Sabu

3. Social Ecology and Environmental Pollution / Harendra Srivastava

4. Ethno-Ecology, Traditional Economic Organization and Impact of Globalization : A Cross Cultural Study in North East India / Somenath Bhattacharjee

5. Shifting Cultivation : Its Role in Social Ecology and Environmental Protection : Special Reference to Juang Tribe in Odisha / Madhumita Sahoo

6. Indigenous Knowledge, Material Culture and Economy : An Anthropological Study on the Handicrafts of Assam / Somenath Bhattacharjee

7. Social Ecology and Environmental Protection in India : Issues, Challenges and Strategies / Pooja Kashyap

8. Social Ecology and Cultural Change : A Study of Man and Nature Relationship / Neelesh Singh

9. Environment and Sustainable Development - A Sociological Overview / Surojit Sen Gupta

10. Coastal Ecotourism - A Means to Restore Social Ecology / Anjali Ganesh

11. Financial Feasibility Study of Community Based Ecotourism Spots in Odisha / S. P. Singh, Asha Khanna, Ashok Gautam and Rajendra Singh Raghu

12. Environent Pollution : A Study of Workers of Alang Ship Breaking Industry in Gujarat / Rajesh Kumar Modi

13. Environment Degradation and Social Issues / Seema Chaudhary and Geeta Chaudhary

14. Climate Change and Irrigation Water Demand : Some Challenging Issues of Tropical Forest-Areas / P. S. Pawar and R. K. Singh

15. Climate Change and its Impact on Natural Disasters in India / Kamna Sengupta

16. Consequence of Pollution on Health : A Study / Arun Kumar Shukla and Abhishek Tiwari

17. Climate Change and Gender Exclusion / Roli Mishra

18. Floods Causing Socio Economic and Developmental Problems in Terai Belt of Nepal and India (Bardiya and Banke District in Nepal and Bahraich and Shravasti District in India / Ritu Jain

19. Responsibility of Media in Protecting Environmental Sustainability : Issues and Challenges / Sharmila Kayal


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Social Ecology and Environmental Protection in India : Issues, Challenges and Strategies / Dr. A. K. Singh and Dr. S. P. Singh. 1st ed. New Delhi, Serials Publications. (KK-137407)

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