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Contemporary Challenges in Higher Education
Authorship Description
Dr. Preeti Oza, Dr. Gurudutta P. Japee and Dr. Bhavesh Lakhani.
Bibliographical Details viii, 217 p. ills. maps. 24 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Jaipur, Oxford Book Company.
ISBN-10 9350303728
ISBN-13 9789350303726, 978-9350303726
Year of Publication 2018.
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Contemporary Challenges in Higher Education

"The higher education system in India is currently going through a threshold shift from the local to the global and from the micro to the macro where the major stake holders like the learners and the teachers are sometimes not seen as equipped and ready to grasp the so many parallel verticals of the change. This book is a gentle and humble but much focused effort to combine some of the major areas of the higher educaton in current Indian context. It is an edited compilation of selected articles/papers form various areas of higher education. The editors have carefully selected chapters/articles from relatively unexplored or lesser explored and newly emerging areas of study.

The variety of selected articles written by experts in their chosen fields are reflecting upon their vast experience and knowledge in that specialized area of higher education in India today. The editors have made extra and careful efforts to include the relatively new and unexplored or lesser explored areas of teaching learning to incorporate the latest available data and practices as per the recent trends.

This book covers the areas pertaining to the higher education and challenges involved in it. Especially in the current Indian scenario where the society, people, pedagogy, politics, ideology and the concept of teaching-learning is going through a broad spectrum shift, this book will provide a comprehensive outlook in the fields, subfield and para-fields of higher education which will help not only the student- teachers but almost all the stake holders of the system and will support in multifaceted task of achieving a holistic Indian higher education system with a global outlook.

This book could be used as a ready reckoner for the comprehensive understanding of current education scenario in India with specific reference to the challenges in higher education. The areas covered in this book are not limited to the classroom teaching learning but also incorporates the current/contemporary/latest/updated policy changes and their implications on the system of higher learning. It will help the learners, teachers, managements of the higher education institutions, government, policy makers, philanthropists, industry, administration bureaucracy and the related strata of the society of understand the challenges involved in the current system and to find some mutually benefiting sustainable solutions."
                                                                     [from Blurb]

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Contemporary Challenges in Higher Education / Dr. Preeti Oza, Dr. Gurudutta P. Japee and Dr. Bhavesh Lakhani. 1st ed. Jaipur, Oxford Book Company. (KK-136895)

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