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Next War : India, Pakistan and China
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Dr. N. C. Asthana.
Bibliographical Details 320 p. 22 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Manas Publications.
ISBN-10 8170495253
ISBN-13 9788170495253, 978-8170495253
Year of Publication 2017.
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Next War : India, Pakistan and China
"Given the way the scenario across our borders with Pakistan and China has been unfolding, and with the war hysteria that is being whipped up relentiessly in the media of both India and Pakistan; It must be evident to every citizen that war clouds are looming large over the horizon. Besides a host of imponderables characterstic of any war, India's strategic position in the next war will be complicated by three factors. The first is that a nuclear-armed Pakistan would not let itself be subjected to a decisive defeat of the 1971 type war at any cost. The second is that the Chinese not only have a much higher overall military potential than us, they are, in contrast to Pakistan, not likely to get pressurized by the Americans. The third is that we could indeed face even a two-front war. Altogether, the next likely war poses very difficult challenges. It would be suicidal to assume that future military crises on the subcontinent would follow the same script as in the past conflicts. In the next war, we must expect the unexpected. There is no reason to believe that whatever is too horrible cannot happen. The truth is that even a nuclear war can take place and, if we have to survive that and emerge victorious, we must be prepared for that. Above all, we must not forget that wars are not won by military hardware alone; it has to be necessarily a national efffort. Armies win battles; Its' nations that win wars. Strategic planning by one school of thought derives its precepts and lessons from historical experience; the other school places its trust in the power of military technology. Fact is, both schools are imperfect and hence a hybrid, more inclusive modelling is necessary-- an approach developed in this book. This book demystifes the complex yet vital subject of India's military concerns in a most authoritative manner and opens it up for serious. responsible public discussion and debate. This is an extremely useful book for defence policy-makers, media persons, military officers, defence analysts, students/researchers of military science/defence and strategic studies, and every citizen interested in the futute of India." [from Blurb] Contents Preface 1. War Clouds over India, Pakistan and China 2. Strategic Peculiarities, Problems and Advantages of the Three Countries 3. Comparative Study of the Armed Forces of the Three Countries 4. The Real Face of Wars : Separating Facts from Fiction 5. What Decides Victory or Defeat in Conventional Warfare? 6. A Conventional War with Pakistan 7. Factors which would Necessarily Make the War Tortuous 8. Nuclear Concerns and Strategies of India and Pakistan 9. Indian Nightmare of the Pakistani Tactical Nuclear Weapons 10. How and Why a Limited Nuclear War is Indeed Possible? 11. War with China 12. The War at Sea 13. Two-Front and Two-and a Half-Front War 14. Chinese Nuclear Arsenal 15. Nuclear War with China 16. Why India as a Nation Might not Win a War even as Its Armed Forces Could Win? Bibliography Index
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Next War : India, Pakistan and China / Dr. N. C. Asthana. 1st ed. New Delhi, Manas Publications. (KK-133398)

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