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Indo-Tibetan Literature
Authorship Description
Compiler, Translator and Editor: Dr. Sanjib Kumar Das.
Bibliographical Details lxviii, 159 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Delhi, Buddhist World Press.
ISBN-10 9380852797
ISBN-13 9789380852799, 978-9380852799
Year of Publication 2018.
Further Details In association with Department of Indo-Tibetan Studies, Visva-Bharati, Shantiniketan.
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Indo-Tibetan Literature

"The text titled `Indo-Tibetan Literature' contains the Hindi and English translations of seven literatures--one from `Kagyur', three from `Tengyur' and three from `Sungbum' (collected works by Tibetan scholars). The credit of making the literatures available goes to the Tibetan scholars. It is because of their enthusiastic and altruistic efforts that the `Kagyur' and `tengyur' are preserved so excellent way till date. Each one of the literature is very significant in terms of the aspect of conduct in particular. As most of the literature is prescribed in the academic syllabi of Indian institutions and all of them are not available in Hindi and English languages together with their Wyllie form, so for the convenience of all readers concerned the seven literatures have been made available in Hindi and English together with their Wyllie form."
                                                                               [from Blurb]

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Indo-Tibetan Literature / Compiler, Translator and Editor: Dr. Sanjib Kumar Das. 1st ed. Delhi, Buddhist World Press. (KK-136889)

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