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Labour and Development : Essays in Honour of Prof. T. S. Papola
Authorship Description
Editors: K. P. Kannan, Rajendra P. Mamgain and Preet Rustagi.
Bibliographical Details 722 p. ills. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Academic Foundation.
ISBN-10 9332703817
ISBN-13 9789332703810, 978-9332703810
Year of Publication 2017.
Further Details In association with Indian Society of Labour Economics and Giri Institute of Development Studies.
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Labour and Development : Essays in Honour of Prof. T. S. Papola
"This edited volume brings together current debates and policy concerns through the collection of papers on labour development ranging from issues of informality, small scale sector; economic reforms; wages and earnings; caste and discrimination; gender and work; to labour institutions, regulation and collective bargaining. The contributors to this volume are well-known scholars who have provided latest information and critical analyses on these vast range of issues as a tribute to Professor Papola for his lifetime research work and rich contributions to the study of labour in the process of economic development. All those readers interested in social and economic issues relating to labour employment and development will find much of value in this volume organised in eight sections." [from Blurb] Contents List of Tables and Figures About the Editors/Contributors Preface T. S. Papola : A Reminiscence / Yoginder K. Alagh Labour and Development : Introduction and Overview / K. P. Kannan, Rajendra P. Mamgain and Preet Rustagi 1. Economic Reforms, Labour and Development 1. Employment Policy in Developing Countries with Particular Focus on Economic Crises and their Aftermath / Rizwanul Islam 2. Economic Growth and Employment in India / Ajit K. Ghose 3. Employment Creation under Conditions of Jobless Growth : The Potential of India's Micro and Small Enterprises / K. P. Kannan 4. India's Demographic Dividend : Theoretical Antecedents and Empirical Evidence / Sheila Bhalla, Arun Kumar and Manoj Jatav 2. Informality and Small Scale Sector 5. Growth and Informality in the Indian Economy / Ravi Srivastava and Ajaya Kumar Naik 6. `Informality' and Neo-Liberalism : Changing Norms and Capital's Control / Satyaki Roy 7. Unorganised Sector in India : Employment Elasticity and Wage-Productivity Nexus / Arup Mitra and Aviral Pandey 3. Wages and Earnings 8. Real Wages in Rural India / A. V. Jose 9. How do Self-Employed Workers in India Perceive their Earnings? / Parth Pratim Sahu 10. Contract Labour in Organised Manufacturing in India / Bishwanath Goldar and R. Suresh 4. Caste and Discrimination in Labour Market 11. Caste and Labour Market Discrimination : Discussion on Forms and Remedies / Sukhadeo Thorat 12. Occupational Diversification in India : Trends and Determinants / Rajendra P. Mamgain 13. Is Affirmative Action Policy for the Private Sector Necessary? / S. Madheswaran 5. Gender, Work and Employment 14. Who Works in India? The Implications of Defining Work in the Indian Statistical System / Jayati Ghosh 15. The Participation of Women in the Labour Force in India and Beyond / Sher Verick and Ruchika Chaudhary 16. Gender Dimensions of Work and Employment in India / Preet Rustagi 6. Sectoral and Regional Dimensions 17. Dynamics of Rural Non-farm Employment : Findings of a Field Study in Uttar Pradesh / Ajit Kumar Singh 18. Education and Access to Rural Non-farm Employment in West Bengal / Biswajit Chaterjee and Aparajita Dhara 7. Labour Institutions, Regulation and Collective Bargaining 19. Labour Institutions and Economic Development in India : Back to the Future / Gerry Rodgers 20. Associational Power of Workers in Neo-Liberal India : An Exploration and Preliminary Explanations / Praveen Jha, Swayamsiddha Panda and Satadru Sikdar 21. Productivity Aspects in Collective Bargaining in Recent Years in the Post-Reform Period in India / K. R. Shyam Sundar 8. Rememering Professor T. S. Papola (30 August 1941 - 23 November 2015) T. S. Papola and the Development of Labour Economics in India / Gerry Rodgers Obituary : T. S. Papola (1941-2015) / Alakh Sharma and Ravi Srivastava Professor T. S. Papola : Notable Contributions
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Labour and Development : Essays in Honour of Prof. T. S. Papola / Editors: K. P. Kannan, Rajendra P. Mamgain and Preet Rustagi. 1st ed. New Delhi, Academic Foundation. (KK-133384)

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