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Caste, Tribe and Gender : Politics of Self and the Other
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Edited by Vulli Dhanaraju.
Bibliographical Details 264 p. ills. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Jaipur, Rawat Publications.
ISBN-10 8131608298
ISBN-13 9788131608296, 978-8131608296
Year of Publication 2017.
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Caste, Tribe and Gender : Politics of Self and the Other

"Of late, politics of the `self' and the `other' has been the subject of much academic debate in the study of subaltern identities all over the world. This debate addresses several questions. What is an identity? How are subaltern identites different from others? How the `self' is contested with the `other'? Keeping in view these questions, the caste, tribe, and gender have all arisen is some way from a redrawing of the `otherness' and everyday experiences in the society. In this context this book proposes to explore the nature of social subordination and its diverse forms of subordinations in the study of structural hegemony which exists in different forms in Indian society. The interface between contemporary state and social identities on the one hand, and relationships among the self identities on the other provided the context within which social marginalization, contestation and discrimination has existed in Indian society since time immemorial. But the rise of self-respect movements and social network revolution after 1980s heralded the process of major changes in the social identity movements which remolded many of the pre-existing social discriminations. The gender question on the other hand has also attracted a lot of attention, particularly, because of the rise of the feminist movement in post-independence period. Like other social categories, women also have been involved in collective actions equiped with their agenda, leadership, ideologies and organizations in order to have their proper and dignified place in all aspects of life. The book is divided into four thematic sections covering 16 chapters. The four themes are (1) Politics of Self and Other; (2) Caste and Tribe; (3) Gender; and (4) Other Marginal Identities and Politics."
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Foreword / Gail Omvedt




Introduction / Vulli Dhanaraju

Part 1
Politics of Self and Other

1. Contestation of Identities in a Globalizing World / Sunitaa Saikia

2. Conceptualizing `Self' and `Otherness' Identity / Suniti Ahuja

3. `Self and `Other' of Hindu Identity in National and Global Perspective / Binod C. Agrawal

4. Reflections in Understanding the `Self: Transforming Hegemony and the (un) seen `Other'/ Maggie Katharpi

Part 2
Caste and Tribe

5. Debating Caste in Indian History / Vulli Dhanaraju

6. Caste-Based Exclusion of the `Damai' Caste Group among the Nepali Community in Assam / Riju Devi

7. In Search of the Myth and the Real `Ishi' : The Last Man of Yahi Tribe / Abheeshta Nath

8. Raids, Resistance and Sovereignty : A Study of Naga-Ahom Relation / R. K. Bijeta

Part 3

9. Masculine Gender Identity and Man's Modern Right among the Meiteis of Manipur / Thiyam Rabikant Singh

10. Situating Women in Muslim Society : Study from Personal Experiences / Tahir Hussain Ansari

11. Does Sexuality Define Identity? An Expository Study on Bar Dancers, Prostitutes and Eunuchs in the Works Literature / Tripti Soni

12. Role of Societal Norms in the Creation of Identity of a Female : A Study of Aruni Kashyap's `The House with a Thousand Stories' / Rini Banerjee

Part 4
Other Marginal Identities and Politics

13. Conceptualizing Nature of Identity Movement : An Analysis of Telangana State / Bijayani Mishra

14. Occupation of the Marginalized : A Study of Urban Informal Sector in Tezpur Town of Assam / Biman Kumar Nath

15. Social Networking Sites : A Boon or Curse of Society / Jhumpa Dey and Sekhar Kanti Sarkar

16. Conceptualizing `Self as a Social Product : An Analysis among the Migrant Labourers in Kerala / R. Prasad


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Caste, Tribe and Gender : Politics of Self and the Other / Edited by Vulli Dhanaraju. 1st ed. Jaipur, Rawat Publications. (KK-132759)

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