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Indo-Bhutan Relations in Modern Times : A Study of Bilateral Relations
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Dr. Sailen Debnath.
Edition, Place & Publisher New Delhi, AAYU Publications.
ISBN-10 9385161466
ISBN-13 9789385161469, 978-9385161469
Year of Publication 2017.
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Indo-Bhutan Relations in Modern Times : A Study of Bilateral Relations

This book 'Indo-Bhutan Relations in Modern Times: AStudy of Bilateral Relations' is the first of its kind reflecting the multidimensional aspects of relations between India and Bhutan, two south Asian countries to have been in a bond of Model Relationship, environed by the Himalayas and its neighbourhood, so far considered the best between a big and a small country in the world. Apart from the issues of strategic, communicational, cultural and security-related interdependence and India's overall contribution to the economic and infrastructural development of modern Bhutan, the book has highlighted the points of discord and the alarming things in gestation that may tarnish the so-called model relationship, and that is more in view of the growing bilateral understanding and frequent dialogues between China and Bhutan. Incidents like the assassination of the Bhutanese Prime Minister, Tibetan Refugee Crisis, annexation of Sikkim, movements and terrorists' activities organized by the Nepalese in Southern Bhutan following the ouster of thousands of Nepalese from Bhutan on the heels of nationalization drive by the Bhutanese Government and the Indian terrorists of the ULFA, NDFB and the KLO hiding in Bhutanese jungles have been analysed in detail. So far untouched materials like the discussions and resolutions relating to India in Bhutan's National Assembly have been explored.

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Indo-Bhutan Relations in Modern Times : A Study of Bilateral Relations / Dr. Sailen Debnath. New Delhi, AAYU Publications. (KK-134155)

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