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Ancient Sciences and Archaeology : Journal of the Ancient Sciences and Archaeological Society of India
Authorship Description
Executive Editor: Dr. M. D. Sampath, editor: Dr. N. Pankaja.
Bibliographical Details xii, 263 p. ills. 29 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Delhi, B. R. Publishing Corporation.
ISBN-10 9350501996
ISBN-13 9789350501993, 978-9350501993
Year of Publication 2016.
Volume Details Vol. 6.
Further Details Bharatiya Prachina Vaijnanika Puratatva Patrika. In association with Ancient Sciences and Archaeological Society of India, Mysore.
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Ancient Sciences and Archaeology : Journal of the Ancient Sciences and Archaeological Society of India

"This volume includes the articles presented on the occasion of the sixth National Conference on Ancient Sciences and Archaeology held on 24th and 25th March 2012 in the Acharya Bangalore B School at Bangalore. Scholars from different parts of the country took part in the academic deliberations and presented papers on various topics of Ancient Sciences and Archaeology. It was aimed at the interaction of the scholars on different issues and the recent researches done in the field of Archaeology, Ancient Mathematics, Ancient Physics, Archaeological Chemistry, Ancient Medicine, Ancient Mettallurgy, Ancient Engineering, Ancient Biology, Ancient Economics and Commerce, Onomastics, Computer Analysis of Ancient Data, Science in Vedic literature, Sanskrit and other languages, literature, etc."
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List of Contributors

1. Presidential Address : Fifteen Formulas First Found in India / V. Kannan

2. Ancient Indian Board Games / D. Raja Reddy

3. Geological Reasons for Rotting of Sculptural Archaic-Assuagements / V. Subramanian

4. Guids and Merchants of Northern India : An Epigraphical Study / T. S. Ravishankar

5. Religious Symbolism : Socio-Cultural Significance in Indian Society / Swapna Samel

6. On the Origin (Centuries before Asokan Brahmi) of the Earliest Tamil Script (Tamil), Based on Facts and Figures / Natana Kasinathan

7. Kava and Somapana Culture / M. Thamarai Selvi

8. Sculptural Representations of Eclipses / Priya Thakur

9. Epigraphy and Gender / Mrinal Joshi

10. The Naravi Inscriptions of Alupa Kulasekhara-I (A Record Providing Earliest Reference to God Mamjunatha of Dharmasthala) / P. N. Narasimha Murthy

11. Mulaparudaiyar / M. Nalini and R. Kalaikkovan

12. Political Geography of Tiruerumbiyur / R. Akila

13. Patronage and Irrigation Development in Ancient Tamil Nadu : Epigraphical Evidences / K. Madhusudharsan

14. Facades of Pudukkottai Rock-Cut Caves : A Comparative Analysis / T. Sumitha

15. Earth Bio-Electro Magnetic Grids in Archaeological Conservation / R. Jagannathan

16. Somanathisvarar Temple, Mangalam / M. Gandhi

17. Measurement from Pudukottai District / T. Santhi

18. Antiquity of Korkai / S. Murugavel

19. Rock Art in the Middle Krishna Basin / R. Mohana

20. A New Inscription from Banahalli / D. M. Nagaraju

21. Tengna : A New Megalithic Site of Central India / Tirtharaj Bhoi

22. Temple Activities in Medieval Maharashtra / Anuradha K. Ranade

23. Socio-Economic Position of the Survarnakara in Ancient Maharashtra / Rekha V. Gore

24. Changing Dimensions in Warli Art / Deepak A. Suryawanshi Sachin, D. Pawar and Rupesh S. Kodilkar

25. Tiruvalisvara Temple / S. Parvathi

26. Application of Binary Division Algorithm from Vedic Mathematics to Polynormial Divion / K. M. Ramesh Kumar

27. Blending of Ancient Sciences with Cognitive Science (With Reference to Vedic Science) / K. R. Binulal

28. Early Aniconic Representations of the Buddha : Buddhapada / Swapna Samel

29. Contribution of Ativiraraman to Tamil Literature / M. D. Sampath

30. Origin and Dissemination of Tamil and Srilankan Brahmi Scripts / M. D. Sampath

31. Binding Materials in Ancient Indian Monuments / T. Satyamurthy

32. Eluru grant of Sarvalokasraya Vijayasiddhi : An Overview / M. D. Sampath

33. Pandharpur Pilgrimage : A Repository of Spiritual-Cultural Heritage / Anuradha K. Ranade

34. Digraphs for Ancient Sanskrit Slokas / N. Manorama

35. Comparative Study of Bhuvaneswari Kachchiputi Tantra with Chitrakavya Paths / N. Pankaja

36. Kankana Bandha / N. Leelavathy

37. A Problem of Number Theory in a verse of Sri Vedanta Desika / N. Kannan and B. Veera Kayathry

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Title Details
Ancient Sciences and Archaeology : Journal of the Ancient Sciences and Archaeological Society of India / Executive Editor: Dr. M. D. Sampath, editor: Dr. N. Pankaja. 1st ed. Delhi, B. R. Publishing Corporation. (KK-42161-v.006)

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