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Early Maritime Contacts of Odisha with Indonesia and Sri Lanka
Authorship Description
Dr. Benudhar Patra.
Bibliographical Details xiv, 109 p. ills. (col.). maps. 29 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Delhi, Pratibha Prakashan.
ISBN-10 8177023357
ISBN-13 9788177023350, 978-8177023350
Year of Publication 2017.
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Early Maritime Contacts of Odisha with Indonesia and Sri Lanka

"The present monograph `Early Maritime Contracts of Odisha with Indonesia and Sri Lanka' is a sincere endeavour to trace out and critically analyze the maritime trade and overseas contracts of ancient Odisha with the islands of Indonesia and Sri Lanka in historical perspective. The work throws light on various aspects of maritime history of ancient Odisha such as its maritime favourable geography and adventurous mariners; its brisk and multifaceted contacts with Sri Lanka and the Indonesian islands of Java, Bali, Sumatra and Borneo; question of colonization by the South-East Asian countries; flourishing ports, port towns and trade emporiums and ancient Odisha; and overseas trade and maritime activities as reflected in the art, architecture, sculptures, paintings, fairs, festivals, customs, traditions and contemporary foreign accounts and itineraries. It also anlyses some other aspects like the types of ships, ship-building technology and navigation, nature and types of merchandise, direction of winds, waves, sea currents etc. Utmost care has been taken to make the work bias free and devoid of any type of prejudices and partiality. It is written with an interdisciplinary holistic approach and tries to present the theme of chapters in a very objective and scientific manner. The work will prove both stimulating as well as instructive to the students, scholars, researchers and teachers working and teaching on the maritime heritage of early Odisha, particularly its contact with Sri Lanka and the islands of Indonesia."
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List of Illustrations

1. Kalinga : Geography, People and Maritime Activities

2. Connectivity and Beyond : Maritime Contacts of Kalinga with Java

3. Maritime Contacts of Kalinga with Bali : A Historical Perspective

4. Maritime Contacts of Kalinga with Sumatra and Borneo

5. Kalinga and Sri Lanka : Early Maritime Contacts of Historical Perspective

6. Role of Kalinga in the Process of Ancient Indian Colonization in South-East Asia

7. Ports and Port Towns of Early Odisha : Text, Archaeology and Identification

8. Maritime Heritage and Art : A Study in the Early Odishan Perspective

9. Maritime Activities of Odisha : A Study of Fairs, Festivals and Traditions

10. Maritime Activities of Early Odisha as Gleaned from the Foreign Accounts



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Early Maritime Contacts of Odisha with Indonesia and Sri Lanka / Dr. Benudhar Patra. 1st ed. Delhi, Pratibha Prakashan. (KK-133411)

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