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Shaping India's Future : Essays in Memory of Abid Hussain
Authorship Description
Editors: Prof. Deepak Nayyar and Rana Hasan.
Bibliographical Details 245 p. ills. 24 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Academic Foundation.
ISBN-10 9332703841
ISBN-13 9789332703841, 978-9332703841
Year of Publication 2017.
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Shaping India's Future : Essays in Memory of Abid Hussain
"This volume seeks to honour the lifelong passion and commitment of Abid Hussain - a distinguished civil servant, a diplomat, and a concerned citizen of India who contributed to the public sphere in a wide range of areas - for a better India. It includes nine essays covering contemporary issues in economic policy, governance, and society that will shape India's future over the coming decades. Among the key messages of the essays are that India needs a developmental State that thoughtfully intervenes in the market and economic policies guided by the imperative of generating good jobs. These policies need to be set within the context of Union-State relations underpinned by an appropriate mix of cooperative and competitive federalism and a political order where India's liberal democracy strives to relieve individuals from the burden of compulsory identities and stresses individual rights. This volume also consists of seven tributes to Abid Hussain by eminent scholars and policymakers." [from Blurb] Contents About the Contributors Introduction Part 1 Essays Economy and State 1. The State and the Economy / Deepak Nayyar 2. Planning and Finance Commissions / Y. U. Reddy 3. India's Triple Transition and the Way Forward / Rajiv Kumar 4. Sustaining Growth, Ensuring Inclusion / Rana Hasan 5. Transporting India to 2032 : What do we need to do? / Rakesh Mohan Governance and Society 6. The Master Narrative of Citizenship : From a Nation-State to a Liberal Democratic Nation-State / Dipankar Gupta 7. Role of Bureaucracy in India's Development / Abid Hussain 8. Being Free to be Free / Pratap Bhanu Mehta 9. Two Aspects of Gevernance : Public Service Delivery and Corruption / Sudipto Mundle Part 2 Tributes 1. Shaping India's Future / Jagdish Bhagwati 2. The Perfect Bureaucrat / Nitin Desai 3. The Power of His Example / Pratap Bhanu Mehta 4. Master of the Public Sphere / Deepak Nayyar 5. Abid Hussain : A Man of Many Parts / Arvind Panagariya 6. Recalling Abid Hussain / Jairam Ramesh 7. Abid Saab : A Tribute from a Tribute from a Trainee / Y. V. Reddy
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Shaping India's Future : Essays in Memory of Abid Hussain / Editors: Prof. Deepak Nayyar and Rana Hasan. 1st ed. New Delhi, Academic Foundation. (KK-133383)

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